How to care for skin face 10 practical tips

How to care for skin? 10 practical councils

Every woman wants to look beautiful and well maintained. But salon procedures unfortunately not cheap. In the article learn what means it is better to clean, toning and moisten, depending on the type of skin.

There are 4 types of skin

Oily – the main feature, fat shine and an increased process of selection of sebaceous glands. Expanded pores, the surface of the fatty sections is not good.

For fatty type care, as well as all the others, should be correctly selected. Basic care activities are high-quality cleaning, surface treatment for bacteria removal, lowering salo waste, moisture saturation.

It is necessary to wash with products, as part of which there is no alkali. After washing, you can use the scrub, a week to 3 times.

For tones, it is necessary to apply the means without alcohol in the composition. Tonic with aloe, daisies, calendulas.
To moisturize this type it is better to use serum and gels milk, but not cream.

Dry – Complete alternativeness of oily. It flakes, has a dull shade, low-waste reduced. The dry surface appears wrinkles faster, as it is gentle and thin. Invisible pores.

For washing, you need to use products that contain fats and oils. It is also necessary to wash warm water, not hot.
Dry type masks need to use gel and cream. They hold moisture in the skin, which affects the restoration of the water balance.

To improve the humidification of the skin surface, you need to monitor the power, because the use of omega-3 fish fats affects the skin positively.

Normal – This type is very rare. Salo-waste moderate, the surface of the T-zone fleece, only in this zone there are small and inconspicuous pores. The state of normal skin is invariably, regardless of the time of year.

Washing not recommended by scrubs more than once a week. Means to use only those in which there is no alcohol in composition because it dries the skin. Vegetable components such as aloe, tea tree, chamomile, calendula positively affect the appearance of the skin.

For humidification of the skin, gels are recommended in composition with proteins. Cream must be taken to not overheat surface areas with sunscreen filter.

Combined – contains all three above-mentioned types of skin. Pores in T-zone Extended, in separate areas increased active impact of sebaceous glands. Early aging, the skin of this type does not threaten.

To cleanse the sections of the combined type, it takes 2 times a week to use peeling. This will help to actively saturate the useful components contained in creams, skin.

For moisturizing different sites, it is recommended to use different means. On the area where the salo-waste exceeds should be dried with creams. It is recommended to apply the cream with a moisturizing effect on the cheeks and forehead.

Tips how to care for skin

How to care for skin face 10 practical tips

Select funds suitable under the type of skin.

More attention to pay for tender and thin sections. Plots around the eyes and lips are the most tender and thin.

It is recommended to select special funds, designed to remove cosmetics, because the skin is very thin and gentle.

Use peeling recommended a week once. Peeling should be soft and not injured the epidermis. Most suitable for peeling means mitigating and cleansing.

Cleaning must be properly moistened. Buy moisture-hold balms and cream.

It is necessary to buy decorative hypoallergenic cosmetics so that there is no risk of allergies from cosmetics, which is designed for all types of skin.

It is necessary to acquire a means that protects against sunlights that accelerate the aging of the skin.

No need to forget about the lips when it is felt that they are dry, you need to smear with a balsam so that there are no cracks and dryness.

Eat less red meat, it will be better to replace to more useful, turkey or chicken. .In essential cases, the aging of the body occurs when eating red meat.

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