How to care for short-haired dogs in the cold

How to care for short-haired dogs in the cold?

We all know that the dog is the best friend of man. And the happy owners of these friendly creatures can afford it will even feel. But any dog, whether a courtyard or pedigree with a pedigree, requires particularly thorough care in winter. The dog is not a cat, she needs to visit the street several times a day. Herway accounted for shorthair dogs. These include Labradors, pugs, bulldogs, Dobermans, etc. And here you go out with a dog on the porch, and she expresses her whole view that in such weather a good owner walks to walk without a dog. How to properly care for short-haired dogs in the winter, so that the walks are not to harm your friend?

• Hardening. Start to teach a dog to cold since childhood. If she is still used to a puppy, it’s used to walk with a moderately low temperature, while getting sufficient physical exertion, then in the future it will be easier for it to carry cold.

• Nutrition. In the cold time, the organism of the dog, like our, consumes a lot of energy to heating. Therefore, with the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to feed it more calorie food. Mandatory is the presence of meat in the diet. Make sure that the bowl with water is also not empty. The temperature of the water and food should be room or a little warmer. Do not forget about vitamins: in the cold time your dog is especially needed in them.

• Walking.
Try to spend less time on the street than in summer, long-lasting stay on the street for a dog is fraught with supercooling. At the same time, walks should be more active, with games and running. In order to avoid injuries, you should not spend on slippery streets of the street. In windy weather, walks should be cut to a minimum. If during a walk the dog begins to press the paws – go home immediately! In no case can not allow the dog to sit on the snow or cold asphalt.

• Clothing. Buy your pet beautiful and cozy jumpsuit or sponge. Especially important to protect the kidney and urinary bodies. By the way, winter clothes for your pet is easy to make your child from the old jamper (or a husband, if your dog is closer to it). You can also purchase special footwear for dogs that will prevent the frostbite of the paw pads. For the time of the cold, it is worth abandoning metal collars and muzzles. You, too, in childhood licked the rocker? Remember what was?

• Consider the breed. For different breeds, different temperatures are considered to be. For dwarf rocks, even a small minus temperature can be a serious frost. Smooth-haired dogs of massive physique move the cold easier. Be sure to consult a veterinarian before the winter.

• Consider the dog’s condition. Pregnant and nursing dogs are harder to carry frost and need more protection. Also heavier tolere palients, old dogs and puppies.

How to care for short-haired dogs in the cold

• Equip the place at home. If in the summer the dog perfectly feels on the floor (sometimes even better than on the litter), then in winter it should be at least 10 cm above the floor level. Buy or do yourself for a dog sun bed. It is not worth placing a sleeping dog place too close to heaters or open fire.

• Hygiene. After each walk, be sure to wash the paws from dirt and remnants of water temperature reagents. Substances that snow sprinkle can damage the pads of the paws, so try to avoid walking in sidewalks. If necessary, lubricate them with special cream. Also pay attention to the claws of the dog. In the warm season, they themselves are stepping about asphalt. In winter, it should be cropped them yourself, if necessary. Wash your dogs preferably less. Replace the shower can slight wiping clean snow. After wiping, go home and wipe the dog towel or dry the hairdryer. Also follow and in case the dog wet during a walk.

When complying with these simple rules, your dog will be able to enjoy winter days. She, too, I also want to jump in the snow, dig in him a trench, fell fresh snow and catch the mouth of the snowflakes. And then bring a bunch of snow from a walk on the nose and be blissfully stretched out near the battery.

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