How to calculate the spending of future periods

How to calculate the spending of future periods

They say on children do not save. But what if the costs exceed imaginable limits? So we will optimize them.

Medical insurance: Is it worth buying?
The main question that has to solve parents, — Use the services of public or private medicine independently, or to issue a voluntary health insurance policy — for money.

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Photo Gallery: How to calculate the expenses of future periods

How to calculate the spending of future periods

Not exactly for nothing
Service in public clinics and hospitals for free only in part. Yes, you do not pay for the advice of doctors, for surrendering analyzes. But the cost of medicines you need to many children for the year is great, and the work schedule does not always be convenient.
In addition to a standard set of services, an opportunity to have a family doctor, round-the-clock consulting with a telephone specialist, departure pediatrician and delivery of drugs at home, surrender analyzes, massage, vaccination, which is especially true for children up to a year and families with often Picky kids.

For obvious reasons, many specialists, especially those of recognized authorities in their field, are increasingly moving to private clinics, and the one-time consultation can cost them quite expensive. But remember that for many of them it is only part-time job. In district, departmental polyclinics or hospitals, they also lead — Main service. You can get to them for consultation with less costs or without without them.

Early Development School: Completely Pocket
There are many elite pre-school developing centers, where the karapubuses are mastering everything in the world, and for considerable money. But development — This is not necessarily Spanish and Italian from three years, horse riding and fencing in a prestigious club. These are new knowledge and skills that you are ready to give the baby. In this sense, the izostudia and any courses of singing, laying out of plasticine in the local house of culture are not much different from "cool" Centers and Studios. The same applies to sports. Inexpensive sections that are offered in physical education clubs make it possible to try different types of sports without tremendous costs and choose the most interesting.

Waldorf, Montessori?
I want to "special" Training programs and special attitudes towards a child? Choose alternative developing systems — Valdorf, Montessori or them like. As a rule, classes in such centers are quite affordable. But they stand!
Clothes and shoes: We will be happy to take as a gift.
The continuously growing child is infinitely pleased, but when with the onset of the next season you understand: half a year ago the jacket is hopelessly small, and boots acquired in the spring did not have time "live" Before the season, — You fall into a stupor. You are not satisfied with low quality clothing from the market? Look for other available methods for updating the children’s wardrobe.
Don’t really count on them: in winter, summer, and in summer — Winter. To which size in the summer will grow a baby’s leg, it is difficult to predict in advance, so with the purchase "for growth" Easy to be mistaken.

If you have friends who have older children, — Consider you lucky. And friendly friends are convenient — do not need to break your head where to give more good things from which the child grew up. And you wonderful: from time to time your baby "Perfect" Nice clothes.

Study "Mamian" Forums in popular parent sites. Moms communicate there, exchange clothes, shoes, toys. If there is no such forum in your city, why not organize it? Problem with clothing — eternal, and your undertaking without attention will not remain.
Following our advice, you will be able to save a huge mass of time.

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