How to buy products and not spend a lot of money

How to buy products and not spend a lot of money

Whether, leaving the grocery store, you think: "Well, why so: almost nothing bought, and I spent a lot of money"? Hurry up to share tips with you, as competently purchased with high-quality goods in the right volume and not go beyond the budget.

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Go around all stores in the district. Prices in supermarkets often differ, and significantly. Having studied all the nearest delights, you will know where cheaper meat, where – dairy products, where – fruit puree for a child. Usually we go to the nearest supermarket from home or subway, but prices there may be overestimated.

How to buy products and not spend a lot of money

Do not forget to look into small shops from the manufacturer that you usually pass by. Yes, shopping in them is not as convenient because of a small range, but the prices and freshness of the products will please you.

Buy promotional products. This applies to long-term storage products, frozen products. There are special applications for smartphone showing which stores are what stocks pass. Going to the store, check in advance availability of stocks and plan your purchases. On the product you want to buy and cook today may not be shares, but they will be on the goods that will need the day after tomorrow. Frozen vegetables, canned food, cereals – all this can be bought with discounts in almost any quantity. But keep in mind: there is a danger to seduce the promotion and take the goods that you really don’t need. For example, three kilograms of burning pepper at a price of one kilogram – not the best purchase, if you are not a fan of sharp dishes.

Make lists. Before going to the store, write down what are you going to buy – on a piece or smartphone. The main rule is beyond the limits of the list it is impossible. As practice shows, it is not so easy. After all, in the list you will only make the necessary, and when you move around the store, your hands will reach themselves to the cake, then to chips, then to "Well, a very beautiful kitchen towel, nothing that their houses are already 50 pieces". Know: marketers specially organize the store space so as to force you to get around it completely. Bread and dairy products are located far from the cash desk, and the fores of sweets, alcohol and t.D. To protect yourself from the temptations, take with you exactly so much money as you need to scheduled purchases. True, there is such an approach and minus: if you forget to make something really important to the list, you will have to go to the store again.

Go to shops, and not buy products online. Such a Council gives a well-known American cook and restaurant Guy Fieve. According to Fiier, it is important to see the product with our own way: to feel his smell, appreciate the color and freshness. Fiheri is also known as the leading television show "Grocery Gastronome" *. In the show, experienced cooks first burst in the most common supermarket, and then prepare from purchased products of fine dishes. According to Fiier, he never orders products online, because the image on the screen and the appearance of the real goods can be very different. Will be insulting to seduce a beautiful picture and spend money, and in the end it is not at all.

Look at the bottom shelves, they are the cheapest products. Dear goods are located at eye level. Few who want to bend to get the goods from the lower shelves, so they set the products with a lower price. Often, these products are not inferior to "neighbors from above".

Pay attention to new items and products that are not advertised. Usually we move around the store on the machine: take something that has already bought many times. Look at the neighboring products with "yours". Maybe new items appeared, which are cheaper and better in composition? Do not neglect the products from little-known manufacturers: not on a hearing – does not mean worse. But if you have not previously bought a product, take a small package to start. Suddenly you do not like it, and most of them will have to throw?

We hope our advice will be useful to you and the thought "I didn’t buy anything, and I spent money" will visit you as much as possible.

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