How to build real confidence in relations 5 important steps

How to build real confidence in relations: 5 important steps

No trust no love, mutual respect and thousands of such important things. How to find this the most real confidence?

1 Do not be jealous without reason

Jealousy is a destructive feeling, it originally implies that there is no confidence between you, and relationships are based on who the first will catch with political.

If there is objective reasons for jealousy, it means that the relationship is already doomed to failure and they cannot be built on the lies. If you are jealous of each other just so as not to relax, this vicious practice must be stopped. Find yourself other reasons Shake Relationships. Since we decided to trust, do not insult each other with false suspicions.

2 talk more

At first, it helps. Many people do not know how to sympathize and empathize. They are so docked on themselves that the rest are perceived as living scenery.

If you or your partner do not know how to sympathize, produce it in yourself. Communicate more often, explain what you feel, pass your response to each other emotions. This is a very difficult job, but it will eventually give our fruits. At the very least, you will stop subconsciously perceive each other as a set of functions and see the living people not only in the mirror.

3 Sometimes resting from each other

No need to cling to the partner as if you are the only ones who survived after the apocalypse. Everyone should have their own space, their personal time and their personal affairs, which else is better not to encroach. As soon as you build your personal borders, it will increase the degree of confidence in your relationship.

Yes, much you will do together, but you will have mutual respect for the interests of each other. If there is a desire, your interests can intersect, but do not get drunk, otherwise you will call each other’s eyes while you don’t get bored.

How to build real confidence in relations 5 important steps

4 Do not delve into details

When we just begin to communicate with the partner, we want to know even more about him than he himself knows about himself. Therefore, we learn the details, we ask retell the same time at once. It seems to us that this is a trust, when the soul of another person is open in front of us, and we can, when we want, to host.

If you or your partner have something that you do not want to tell each other, do not insist on frankness. Do not knock out the details of it, what is called, with blood and offended if he is silent. Everything has its time. When you are ready, tell each other all that you feel necessary. Just be patient.

5 Again on the shore

Well, if you tell me to each other from the very beginning, what you see your relationship in the future. Let me with time, not all agreements will be observed, but you will not be able to make complaints of each other – you had an agreement.

This also applies to free time, and separation of duties, and financial obligations. At least, already at the initial reaction, you can understand what to count on on in your collaboration.

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