How to build nails gel

How to build nails gel?

At first glance, the extension of nails seems difficult procedure, to perform only professional masters are capable of performing. But in fact, it is possible to grow nails on your own even at home. The main thing is to have a clear instruction and a bit of skill. First we guarantee!

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What you need for nail extension:

  • pink;
  • grinding;
  • disinfectant;
  • primer;
  • Bonder;
  • gel;
  • UV lamp for drying gel;
  • gel brushes;
  • nail extension forms.

Before proceeding with nail buildings, make sure you have everything you need.

Step-by-step nail extension instructions

After you have prepared all the necessary materials, you can proceed to manicure and nail extensions. Clearly following our instructions, you will achieve the result no worse than in the beauty salon. Tested by the editor!

But at the beginning we advise you to see our video tutorial on manicure for beginners.

Now you are ready to build up!

How to build nails gel
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Before applying gel coating, the nails need to be treated with a disinfectant, then the Bondder and Primera.

Put on the fingertips fingertips for nail extension.

Apply the first layer of gel with a tassel on the area of ​​the natural plate, and then extend it to the desired length, entering the form.

Dry gel in UV lamp for two minutes. Read more about how it works in this article.

Apply the second layer of gel. Dry in the UV lamp again for two minutes.

After the gel completely freezes, carefully remove the form for extension and push the resulting nail. Repeat the procedure with each finger.

After you increase all your nails, they can be covered with colored varnishes or decorate an unusual design.

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Inspire beauty every day!

Inspire beauty every day!

  • Tanya October 18, 20:01 And before color varnish the base is applied or not?
  • Editorial Makeup.RU October 19, 11:59 Good afternoon! Of course
  • Editorial Makeup.RU February 25, 13:56 Ekaterina, we are pleased that our material turned out to be interesting and useful for you! Regarding your question: Unfortunately, there are a huge number of different factors, individual characteristics of the body and T.NS., that does not allow remotely even approximately to suggest what could be the problem.
  • Editorial Makeup.RU July 15, 12:47 Evgeny, nothing negative nails, nor for the gel itself or gel lacquer will not happen. Under the influence of UV radiation molecules, which were in a chaotic state, line up in a solid structure, gel or gel varnish of liquid turns into a solid material. As soon as this process is completed, the reaction stops, and the lamp radiation no longer has any impact.

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