How to brew tea?

We are all daily drinking tea. And at the same time, we often do not even mind that from the tea drinking procedure you can get a special pleasure, revealing the best qualities of this drink. Yes, tea can become something big than just a bag, lowered into a cup with boiling water. Just know how to brew it correctly. And the site "Beautiful and Successful" will share with you a couple of tricks.

Temperature and water quality

Unfortunately, the usual chlorinated water from the tap is able to negatively affect the taste qualities of the drink, which we have to prepare. And therefore it is worth considering several alternative solutions.

Among them – Purchase dining water or installed on home plumbing filter.

Want to brew tea right, but there is no time and opportunities to prepare water?

Not scary, because in extreme cases, water from under the tap can simply defend.

We are accustomed to pour tea leaves with ordinary boiling water from only a boiling kettle, regardless of whether we are dealing with. This is not true.

For each type of tea there is its optimal brewing temperature. For black and red teas, it is 95-100º C. For green, yellow, white – only 60-85º.

Number of welding

The generally accepted algorithm explaining how to brew tea, the next – One teaspoon of tea leaves per 100-150 grams of water. However, in practice, such tea may be too strong for most lovers of this drink.

And therefore, first of all, you should listen to your own taste.

Brewing process

So, how to brew tea?

Boiling water. Warring and wipe the brewing kettle dry. I fall asleep welding in the kettle and pour on 2/3 water of the desired temperature.

Why warm the kettle? The fact is that it can immediately reduce the water temperature by 10-20º C, and your drink can simply not be brewing.

The amount of welding and the brewing time will depend solely on your taste preferences. However, traditionally Black tea brew 4-6 minutes, green – up to 15 minutes.

Next, the kettle should be covered with a towel or a napkin so that all holes on its lid and spouts are covered. It will not allow essential oils to disappear and retain the unique aroma of your drink.

How to brew tea

Tea party process

How to brew tea, we now know. How to drink it correctly?

Ready-made tea immediately Boil through cups Or simply transfer to another dishes. And then it’s not helpful to be with a welding.

Do not confuse if an oily film appears on the surface of the tea, and on the walls of the cups – the sediment. Both indicate that the drink you purchased high-quality and brewed it right.

Tea needs to drink within first half an hour from the moment of brewing. In no case do not need to warm it or boil.

Useful Tips for Tea Lovers

  • If you know how to brew tea correctly, you probably know that you should use Porcelain or Faiences. Silver, but not metallic.
  • Green tea correctly brewrepeatedly, Each time for 15-20 seconds increasing the brewing time. It is noteworthy that with each new time his taste will change.
  • In tea can be added Sugar, milk, lemon and not only. Although all these additives are not traditional. Try to experiment – make tea with milk for all the rules. To do this, you must not add milk to the tea drink, but on the contrary – pour a strong tea in milk. New taste can pleasantly surprise.

Now you were convinced – it’s not so difficult to brew tea. SYMPATY website.NET advises you to surrender the whole procedure – pick up a beautiful tea set, turn on relaxing music, call on the tea party relatives and friends.

And fully Enjoy this wonderful drink!

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