How to breathe above potatoes when coughing and cold, not to harm yourself

How to breathe above potatoes when coughing and cold, not to harm yourself

Method of treatment that got to us from grandmothers, — Inhalations over the ferry from boiled potatoes. We understand how to do the procedure correctly, so as not to harm yourself, and at what symptoms it is better to do.

Breathe over potatoes with cough or rhineel. Inhalations over boiled potatoes have much less contraindications than serious preparations, and also do not affect the liver.

Before applying such a method of therapy, be sure to consult with the attending physician, so that there are no side effects.

Why breathe over potatoes

Why it is so useful

From boiled potatoes not just a couple. In its composition it contains phytoncides. Thanks to ethanol, they penetrate deeply in naked tissue and begin antibacterial action. Treatment with warmth also has a beneficial effect on recovery, as the vessels are expanding, the wet of cough begins to expectum better, helping the body to cope with a cold illness.

With properly conducted inhalations without harm to health, swelling decreases in the throat, the inflammatory process comes to no, normalizes blood flow in vessels, the respiratory tracts are gradually cleaned. If you resort to such a method of treating in a complex with antiviral or antibacterial drugs, then you can recover as soon as possible.

Inhalation of potatoes during cough at home helps with the following diseases:

  • runny nose, nasal congestion;
  • colds, angina;
  • How to breathe above potatoes when coughing and cold, not to harm yourself
  • dry or wet cough;
  • bronchitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • Schimorite (except when he is purulent);
  • tonsillitis.

Children’s age (over 7 years old) or pregnancy are not contraindications, subject to the absence of personal intolerance. In the case of children, consultation of the attending physician is necessarily recommended.


  • In case of diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially with hypertension, the procedure is contraindicated, as it expands the vessels even stronger, and this is undesirable for people with similar problems.
  • If you have bleeding from the nose, it will increase.
  • Is it possible to breathe above potatoes at temperatures? No, since any heating in the case of high temperature is undesirable. Before inhalations it must be knocked down, or wait for a natural downgrade. If we are talking about a child, it is better to call a doctor to the house, and not engage in self-medication. High temperature for a long time — bad sign.
  • Purulent processes are also contraindicated for the procedure, as it only enhances them.
  • When inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia,Inhalation adenoids are contraindicated.
  • Children at the age of three should not do inhalation, as their respiratory tract is still very narrow, and swelling may occur. For the treatment of baby up to seven years, it is better to consult with a pediatrician, since situations may be different.
  • If the girl is pregnant, it is better to also clarify the specialist about whether it can be breathing steam.

How to breathe above potatoes

You can not make inhalations on a full stomach. If the procedure is carried out in the evening, it must be 2 hours after dinner, right before bedtime. Ideally make inhalation twice a day.

Before the procedure is best enough to eat anything, do not strain voice ligaments. After it, in the next 3-4 hours it is harmful to go out, on the balcony or stand at the window, so as not to inhale cold air.

How much can you breathe above potatoes

The average inhalation duration should be for adults to 15, and for children up to 7 minutes . It is important to follow the well-being of the patient, because if it becomes bad, it will be screwed or overtake, then it is necessary to stop the procedure.

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