How to behave so that the man did gifts

How to behave so that the man did gifts?

Let’s talk frankly when you last men given gifts? And here it is not about those «Fund-melted», For example, for birthday or March 8. Yes, and a box of candies from a colleague, and a bouquet of flowers on the first date «blindly» From – the fan we will not consider. Remember that we, women, are designed to help strong sex representatives to show their most positive qualities – including strength and generosity. Agree that only a strong man can afford to be generous for yourself, and your task here in any situation know how to behave so that the man does gifts.

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Create your own «Podkolostorarator»

Do not know how to behave so that your man makes gifts? First of all, it is necessary to create a favorable atmosphere for this. We all know that the most damned in gifts is a period of relationship – candy-bouquet. That is why your task is not to darken your relationship in the future and try to fill them with romance. Rejoicing and mapping the past, as well as your attempt to become the special one for which he was always ready to get «Star from Sky» will not be unnoticed – perhaps you will expect a surprise gift.

Quality sincerely rejoice in gifts

Even if your gift is not a diamond ring, but a small souvenir or handmade handmade souvenir, try to always express violent admiration. Behave it so that male pride to. This involuntarily develops a conditional reflex, aimed at presenting a gift, because the female delight for a man is always positive emotions.

Clearly merged

Women on the abolition of rectilinear men is much cunning and cunning. Just for this reason, a million heavy sighs at the showcase of the expensive boutique give a less positive result than the imperious phrase: «Favorite, buy me a dress!». But here the main thing is not to overdo it with your directness and frankness: the man should have the opinion that they didn’t forced him to acquire the new clothes, and he himself decided to please you with this.

How to behave so that the man did gifts

Specify details

If you accurately fulfilled everything that was described in the previous paragraph, you, no matter what is hard to risk…. For example, instead of fashionable and stylish dresses from Louis Witton get a simple shed sarafanchik. This is primarily due to the fact that each of us has its own perception of the world. It can happen that in the subconscious of your beloved you are perceived not as a rocky woman, but as a cute and fluffy «Bunny», which are most of all cozy outfits than sexy. Therefore, protect yourself from the contradictory styles of gifts and with all the details of the rewrite article from the label of the desired thing, and then present it to his donor.

Encouraging attachments in you

The more his beloved spend on you, the more attention he is worthy. If you are lucky on my life way to meet not a greedy cavalier, it is not necessary to behave restrained and not to indulge him in gesture in gentle words, compliments. Want to make you gifts, we apply this and do not leave our donor’s mental impulses. But do not forget to do everything possible so that he does not have any gusts to accuse you that you are a mercenary person. Admire him constantly and in different reasons, and not only in the days of gifts.

Give correct examples

If your cavalier has a donation instinct is not very developed – the situation is adjusted by periodic information about how other boyfriends indulge their ladies with cute gifts and surprises about and without it. Your goal is not to be charged, message.

Become the one you want to make gifts

Here if you want to make gifts, you need to look at myself with other eyes. For example, create an image of a princess: Go to the beauty salon, update your wardrobe, always try to have a well-kept appearance, fashionable makeup, hairstyle. Remember that only the princesses are awarded for male attention and gifts. Strive for it!

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