How to behave parents in the first months of the baby

How to behave parents in the first months of the baby?

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Through their parents, a little man knows the world around. Despite the fact that the child is completely more crumb, it is already able to grow rapidly. What he spends almost all his time in a dream – this is not a reason to give up communication with him.

To understand how to behave parents in the first months of the baby’s life, you need to rely on your intuition and parental instinct.

Many parents may think that the child is completely tiny and does not understand anything, but it is now necessary to establish contact with your baby. When a child is not sleeping with him you need to play, smile to him, teaching words, although he does not understand them, but he understands the intonation of the voice with which they pronounced. You can make a child a special massage that is physical exercise for him. By the way, thanks to the massage in children, intelligence develops, nervous system. Be sure to wear a child in your arms. This method allows you to establish close contact between parents and their baby – that’s all you need for contact with the crumb at the first months of life.

In the first months of the life of the baby, parents play an important role, they not only feed, bathe, but also love. And love for a child of any age – the main thing.

It must be said that without the participation of adults in the development of a child, nothing is interesting for him, even the brightest toys that you think about him in order for he to play with them and did not distract domestic worries from you. Parents need to postpone all their affairs and teach a child, interest him, take a toy and show how to play it, it means to play with the baby and then after some time the parents will see how the child himself for their living example already plays with a toy. On the example with a toy, we see that the child copies all of our actions, a model of behavior in society and from us parents depends on what personality will grow from our child.

To upbringing the personality, parents are worth remembering several rules of behavior with their children.

The most important rule, according to psychologists, can be expressed by one sentence – never under any expensive parents, because the consequences of your irritation can become irreversible, the first thing that may arise this neurosis, then the child may become capricious and flexible, It may have a sleep disorder.

How to behave parents in the first months of the baby

The second rule can be expressed as follows: Parents Never figure out the relationship with each other with the help of screams with a child – it can scare him and postpone in his subconscious. The child grows nervous, he is afraid

Noise – these are the consequences of parent scandals. In the first months of the baby’s life, it is very important to create houses a quiet, benevolent setting, without screams, hysterics, scandals.

The third rule is love, mutual understanding and respect between parents. If all this is present in your family, then the child will be fine – It will grow in a harmonious atmosphere and grows a self-sufficient person.

Parental relationships, habits and everything else is an example for imitation and if your child has problems with behavior, blame only yourself, change your attitude to life and of course to your child. After all, children are not only our joy, but also a big responsibility, as well as our reflection in the mirror.

Parents, starting from the very first months after the birth of the baby, should bring it up so that the child grows confident and confident that his parents always support him.

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