Everyone as one Beauty Trends 2016 – selection of stars

All as one: Beauty Trends 2016 – selection of stars

T Okol diversity of star trends from #NomakeUp before # Di-Ruilt has not been long. Courage – This is what the Star Images presented below are united: be it «clean» Alisha Kis’s face, or red shadows Kristen Stewart. By the way, the good half of them can be an excellent inspiration for a New Year’s party, so we take a pencil!

Gothic lips

The most massive selebrity trend of the year in makeup. Unlike previous years, when the color of the lipstick was rather wine or dark berry, in 2016, preference was given to iscin-black, saturated burgundy and even deep purple shade. Especially the indicative walking happened at the Met Gala ceremony in May: Rose Byrne used the lipstick Semi Matte Lipstick shade of VIP Red from Nars, and Taylor Swift prefers the Retro Matte Liquid LIP Color Tint Oh, Lady from Mac. By the way, on the wave of this trend selling dark shades of lipstick of the Nars brand during the reporting period, more than twice!

Refusal of makeup

It all started in February at the awards ceremony «Oscar»: Makeup Margo Robbie, Alicia Vicander, Charlize Theron and another good tent of the stars could be called the daily or even office. Neither you are intricate «Smokey», neither even light contouring. Only tone and highlightter in proportion one to one. Apogic Movement #Nomakeup on carpet tracks has reached in June when the singer Alisha Kis appeared at the Bet Awards 2016 ceremony although in a spectacular silver turban, but without a gram of cosmetics.

Glitter on Gubach

The wave launched the makeup artist Pet McGrath: At first she made a red with sparkles makeup makeup models at the Atelier Versace showing autumn-winter 2016 in Paris, and then released a cosmetic set «do it yourself», Where two matte lipsticks entered, vinyl shine, golden pigment and powder-glitter (Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004) so ‚Äč‚Äčthat everyone can repeat the focus at home. Naomi Campbell, for example, was not afraid to come to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in August.

Red shadows

Red shadows? Are you seriously? They make the face of the crypt! «But work perfectly with green and blue eyes, repeatedly enhancing the brightness of their shade!», – Answers a new creative director of the makeup chanel Picking peak, by the will of which the professional makeup artist fell. Kristen Stewart became the best illustration of this trend, which in May shook bourgeois cannes, walking on the waterfront Kroiset red shadows from the autumn brand collection. A little later with a make-up of the color of the caribbean sunset were noticed by Kara Middesign and Olivia Wilde.

Stars out of eyes

Everyone as one Beauty Trends 2016 - selection of stars

Hi out of the 70s! Spring brilliance decorated in the outgoing year and face models (Burberry and Cristiano Burani shows), and face actresses on Hollywood ceremonies. Cast disco-makeup especially loved actress Elle Fanning, who first tried it out on the filming of the film «Neon demon», And then came to his premiere with painting Mac color glitter. By the way, we take a note great technique for masking bruises under the eyes!

Two beams

All the past year, the stars enthusiastically set their horns – Two beams twisted from part or from the entire mass of hair (remember the image of Gwen Stephanie of the mid-90s or the hairstyle of Minnie Mouse). Especially this success, the girls of the Kardashian family were fond of, and the massive way happened at the festival of coaching. Star hairdresser Gen Atkin advises Be sure to sprinkle strands before laying texturing sprays and do not strive for accuracy, so as not to become like a princess leu. Suitable landmark – Mad Miley Cyrus.

Boxing braids

Remember the film «Baby on a million» And two tight pigs heroine Hilary Swank. The first in 2016 they did the Kim Kardashian, by placing the whole shooting about this. Farther – More: Katy Perry appeared with such a stacking on the ceremony «Grammy», and model Carly Kloss – At the show Topshop Unique in London. Laying lit up even in the sensational clip Beyonce for the Formation Song. Another Rita Ora, Haley Baldwin and even Jennifer Lopez. So as not to resemble the first painshchery, forget about the gum – Spit should not have a free tail!

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