evening make-up

evening make-up — Expressive image that create for evening exit, a solemn event or an important event.

Main species, nuances of creating an image

Evening makeup fundamentally different from daytime. Daily image Maximum natural: mascara, powder, shadow, lipstick — All funds should emphasize natural beauty, make light accents, adjust the flaws. The main tasks of the evening – resistance and brightness. He must complement the festive, solemn image. When choosing you need to focus on the format of the event, so as not to look inappropriate and ridiculous.

What is the difference

Evening makeup is much harder than day. It may not be just bright and rich, but sometimes even causing. It may present an unexpected combination of colors, it allows for sequins and pearl. Another requirement is resistant. Mascara and lipstick should not crumble and spread, spoiling the evening.


Evening makeup is made to divide on species depending on the importance of the event.

  1. Classic option. Discreet, may emphasize femininity and grace. Appropriate for photographing, hike in restaurant, theater. Unlike the day, he assumes more rich shades, underscores the lips or eyes. Applied so to look perfect in artificial lighting;
  2. Evening make-up
  3. Club. The brightest option, sometimes even daring. Accents put on lips and eyes equally . It is allowed, and even welcome, the use of false eyelashes, sequined, glitter.
  4. Light Makeup. Even easier than classic. Lightweight, gentle option can be without arrows and bright accent on the lips. Suitable for those who rarely paint and avoid bright images. Especially good, it looks in summer, perfect fits girls with blond hair.
  5. Professional. Unlike all previous ones, the application of professional evening makeup trust the makeup. Make it for a very important event: anniversary, weddings. It must be resistant and thoughtful to the smallest detail to complete the image.

Subtleties of creation

To make it it was easier, and he kept longer, you need to comply with simple rules.

  • Before proceeding, prepare the skin: Clean it, apply moisturizing agents and database. Do not make scrub or cleansing masks so that irritation or redness does not appear.
  • Apply a tone cream, then blush and powder. As a rule, for evening makeup choose compact powder and crumbling blush;
  • The most important part — eye makeup, it is the main focus. First you need to disguise dark circles and other flaws. Next, you can make the arrows ("Smokey Ice" or "Feline Gas") with a pencil either liquid liner. After arrows, mascara is applied.
  • Next, you need to designate the brow line. Eyebrows should be one shade of color with hair either on tone darker.
  • At the end of the makeup, lipstick or lip gloss.
  • The most important rule of any makeup — accent needs to be done either on the eyes or on the lips. If you are planned bright red or alway lipstick, do not overdo it with shadows or arrows. If the main emphasis will be eyes, put the lipstick of restrained, muted shades. To give lips volume, make them plump, you can apply a transparent lip gloss on top of the lipstick;

Rules of such makeup

  1. He must be contrast.
  2. Tinting tone cream must match your skin color.
  3. Do the focus either on the lips or eyes.
  4. Shadows can be any color.
  5. The combination of warm and cold shades will make makeup better.
  6. Lipstick it is better to choose a saturated shade.
  7. To complete the image you need to use pencil and lip gloss.
  8. The main shade of evening makeup is the emerald. It is he who gives everything an elegant look, emphasizing the remaining colors.
  9. Makeup is chosen under the color of the outfit.
  10. It can be arrows of different forms.
  11. Sequins and rhinestones are admissible, but it is necessary to use them moderately and apply only to certain parts of the face.
  12. Complete image hairstyle, manicure and jewelry.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to create the perfect evening makeup itself. If the format of the event obliges, turn to the makeup welfare, so that your image is perfect.

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