Evening in cinema as new technologies allow you to plunge into what is happening on the screen

Evening in the movies: how new technologies allow you to immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen

What could be better than the evening spent in the cinema for watching a good cartoon? Only viewing a cartoon using technology that creates a realistic, volumetric, rich and deep sound, which revives what is happening on the screen and ensures the effect of full immersion, awakening the viewer bright and strong emotions. After receiving an invitation to a session, I had the opportunity to make sure that.

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  • Evening in cinema as new technologies allow you to plunge into what is happening on the screen
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It is always nice to receive an invitation to the cinema, and if we are talking about the cartoon "How to tame dragon 3" – one of the most long-awaited premier 2019, here you need to take a girlfriend and go to the session.

Sometime Vikings lived in harmony with dragons. In those days, they divided joy, grief … and last pants. It seemed that it would always be so, but the appearance of a mysterious day fury changed the life of the island. And now Ikking and toothless will face a ruthless hunter for dragons, thirsty to destroy everything they are expensive.

Even if you did not watch the first two parts (like me), not trouble! You can enjoy an interesting plot, beautiful picture and, most importantly, a stunning sound that envelops from head to the legs. It seemed that all the audience in the hall were not at all, we are participants in the events. All this thanks to the Dolby ATMOS technology – surround system.

• Dolby ATMOS technology is an audio system in which sound objects can be accurately placed and moved in three-dimensional space, including the area above the head of the viewer. It revives what is happening on the screen and creates a surprisingly powerful, rich sound, ensuring the effect of full dive.
• Since the first display of the film in Dolby Atmos format ("Brave Heart" studio Disney / Pixar) In Cinema In 2012, this technology was used in the production of more than 1,300 paintings, among which more than 20 Russian films: such famous filmters like "T-34 "," Viking "," Ice "," attraction "," hero "and" Anna Karenina. The story of Vronsky " .
• Dolby ATMOS system is installed in more than 4,800 cinema halls around the world
• Dolby ATMOS technology is used by all major Hollywood film studios. It gives cinematograms the opportunity to embody their ideas and guarantees the most accurate playback of sounds – just as the director has conceived.
• Dolby received 13 AMMI AMMI Awards to the Development of Cinema and Television.
• Since 1977, almost all films awarded Oscar awards in the "Best Sound" category were presented in Dolby format.
• Several cartoons with the use of Dolby technologies were nominated for the Oscar Award this year, among them the paintings "Superfame 2", "Spiderman: Through the Universes" and "Ralph against the Internet".

Honestly confess, in several places the cartoon in front of me I had tears, and to the throat merged com. Yes, the plot itself is very touching, but the total atmosphere of viewing and the effect of personal presence inside the events – as if I fly on dragons and struggling for justice – clearly added emotions. The sound really immerses and makes the cartoon so alive that he does not want to leave the auditorium after his end!

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