Evening Beauty Routine 3 Personal Person

Evening beauty-routine: 3 faces

No matter how tired in the evening, remove makeup, wash and put the night cream strictly necessarily before going to bed. If, of course, you are not configured to ahead of time. We will tell about the phased care of the skin of the face Read more.

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The need for evening skin care at home

In the evening it is very important to prepare the skin for night updates. And cleansing plays a major role in this preparation. © Getty Images

During the day on our skin, dust and dirt particles are deposited, it is attacked by rain and snow, wind and sun. All this one way or another affects the state of the epidermis. But Nature has all foreseen and gives us a breather to restore forces. While we sleep, under the cover of nights in the body there are active restoration work, including in the skin. To promote every other processes, it is necessary to observe three stages before bedtime:

Moisturizing or nutrition.

Age peculiarities of evening care

Clean the skin in the evening necessarily at any age. © Getty Images

In the evening cleansing, the skin needs in youth, and in the period of maturity. This fact must be taken as axiom and not lazy to shoot makeup in the evening.

After 20 years

In this frivolous age it seems that, if you do not wash out makeup after a noisy party, then nothing terrible will happen. Once maybe. But if you regularly forget about the evening cleansing, then very soon you will come across such unpleasant phenomena as:

Loss of natural radiance;

After 30 years

After 30 years, evening cleansing becomes familiar and conscious ritual. During this period, the first signs of age-related changes in the form of a mesh wrinkle around the eyes and mouth (if you smoke). Skin care is no longer limited only to the cleansing of makeup. The night cream will support the recovery processes so that the face of the face looks fresh and rested.

After 40 years

Skin care After 40 years includes almost the same steps as before, but as a night cream, it is recommended to use the means with anti-aging components. The obligatory stage of care becomes serum.

After 50 years

Evening face care After 50 years turns into a multistage procedure: Careful cleansing + tonic + serum + night cream or night mask. Please note that at this age, skin, as a rule, becomes landing oils and very by the way.

Face care in the evening: a sequence of actions

Evening skin care at home includes three main stages.


Evening Beauty Routine 3 Personal Person

Remove Makeup. Do not forget after that, be sure to wash with the help of gel or foam, choosing a means including skin type.

Makeup Makeup and Cleansing Leather Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, Kiehl’s

New purification format: oil is applied to dry skin, and then washed off with water, turning into a light emulsion. That is, the removal of makeup and washing occur at the same time. Essential oils in the composition of the remedy reassure the skin, give a gentle fragrance.


After removing makeup and washness, you must apply on the face of the tonic. Optionally wipe the skin with a cotton disk. You can pour a little tonic in the palm of the palm and miss your face with your hands, giving the to the medium to absorb themselves.

Ultra Facial Toner, Kiehl’s Moisturizing Face Tonic

Naspirtite (without ethyl alcohol) tonic with hyaluronic acid, squandal, avocado and apricot oils intensively moisturizes the skin.


Apply a moisturizing or nutrient to another. But not too thick layer. Cosmetologists advise on the night to use the minimum amount of cream so as not to provoke the morning swelling.

We really like the night restoration concentrate for the face.

Night Recovery Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehl’s

The tool is enriched with essential oils and vegetable extracts. The concentrate does not just moisturize and nourishes the skin, but also helps her look harsh, more elastic, smooth and soft.

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