Eurovision 2016 5 best live performances finals without politics

Eurovision 2016: 5 best live performances finals without politics

Eurovision-2016 results will still be wary in the press and in social networks. But we want to remember that this competition is initially not about politics, but about the songs and for some time more about the show. Therefore, they selected themselves and for your memory 5 really the best in terms of the hits of the performances of the finalists who want to see again.

If the votes were given not for the countries, but for songs, if objectivity was not given to the sacrifice of friendship with houses, and the degree of popularity of the song depended on the musical component, and not from the number of rotations on the air, the final five Eurovision could look like this.

Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation (Italy):

Francesca Michelin at the age of 16 became the most young winner of the show x Factor (the analogue of us – the "main scene") in the history of Italy. And this year received 2nd place at the festival in San Remo. Italian has become on Eurovision only the 16th, but in our opinion it was one of those numbers that were able to feel exactly where it was assumed – on the festival of songs. Special thanks for the beautiful scenery, something resembling the garden in the "Wonderland".

Amir – J’ai Cherché (France):

Amir – a guy who realized that he likes to sing much more than to treat other people’s teeth. The former dentist with Moroccan and Tunisian roots, born in France, who lived in Israel, once reached the final of the "Voice" show, and on Eurovision 2016, after the results, ranked 6th. J’ai Cherché’s song – a wonderful example of the right pop music – a ridiculous on ears, such that, listening several times, you start involuntarily to do with my nose.

Nina Kraljić – Lighthouse (Croatia):

24-year-old singer Nina Craolok got to Eurovision straight with the Croatian version of the show "Voice". The girl is gaining popularity in his country, but, unfortunately, its performance Europeans rated very weakly. And sorry because it is just the case when there is a voice and a clinging melody in the room. According to the results of the vote of the audience and the jury – the 23rd place. But we like her.

Dami Im – Sound Of Silence (Australia):

Dami them – Korean and Australian singer, Winner of the Australian version of the X-Factor, where her curator was Danny Minoga (younger sister Kylie, also a famous person). How and why Australia turned out to be a member of the Eurovision contest 2016 (and any other) – a mystery. But the girl with such a voice (and the number) became one of the decorations of the competition. Australians, by the way, did the same bets on it, as here we have in Sergey Lazarev, and have already anticipated the victory, but the policy is thin, and they turned out to be the second. And according to the results of the audience and at all over the top three leaders.

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost (Germany):

Yes, we know that this song took on Eurovision 2016 last place. And who now loves Germany for her policy? But we are not about that, though? Beautifully made room, a clinging song, something like the creativity of the singer Lenka, plus a cool suit Jamie Lee, who with his head gives it a fan of manga and k-pop. The girl definitely diluted the party of the same type of beauties in shiny nightie beds. And, perhaps, if Germany still had the need to pass the semi-final, for the audience this number would not be a dark horse, and they would appreciate it somewhat higher. And we appreciated.

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Eurovision 2016 5 best live performances finals without politics


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