Erase fatigue

Residents of Afghanistan at the meeting say to each other such a phrase: "Yes, you never know what fatigue is". Chronic fatigue syndrome – Beach of our time, which, unfortunately, is primarily reflected in appearance.

Not only are we systematically exposing our appearance to harmful factors, such as noise, exhaust gases, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, as well as all sorts of stress and overstrain, so still we overcome yourself, consciously leading an unreasonable lifestyle. But all this sooner or later will affect the face – and sleepless nights, and the lack of vacation, and the wrong – Naspech -. Will affect the early wrinkles, unhealthy color, outgrowth and edema, the redness of the eyes and the blue eyelids.

Are there any means or medicines that radically and quickly eliminate the manifestation of fatigue on the face? Alas, there are no such miracle. To erase fatigue in the long term, it is necessary to change the lifestyle, more rest, sleep, regularly care for the face. I’ll try to hide the damage with cosmetics.

The foundation. So that the face seemed to rested, give up time from the heavy tonal foundations, which only emphasize the finishness of the face and wrinkle at the eye. Take advantage of lightly moisturizing cream on which we put a layer of powder. Reddened and darkened areas around the nose, under the eyes and especially in the inner corners of the eye disguise with a consile.

Blush. Fatigue or lack of sleep make the face dim and pale, so be sure to apply blush. Only not brown or beige, but with a light shade of pink. Pink color, the color of youth and health, immediately return the person the needed brightness. Instead of Rumyan, you can use not very dark bronzer, applying it to the whole face, he will give her face a color of a light tan, creating an impression as if you just returned from vacation or spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

Eyes. Tired eyes do not decorate a woman. To get rid of the brightness of the eyes and return the whiteness and brilliance proteins, cut into the eyes of one drop of eye drops, for example, "visin". Refuse temporarily from gray, brown, beige shadows and other dull or dark shades. Do not suit you and pink shadows – they do not refresh the eyes, but, on the contrary, only emphasize redness. And do not apply the shadows on the entire surface of the eyelids and to the most eyebrows (with the exception of the shadows of white and silver color). It is better to make a color eyeliner or apply shadows only forever. On the tired face, the shadows of blue shades are best watching, they immediately make eyes more and brighter, in contrast masking redness. The shadows and other cold light or pastel shades are also suitable, for evening makeup – golden and silver shades (but not bronze!).

Erase fatigue

Lips. Matte lipstick often makes a tired leaning face even more exhausted and "dry", as if dehydrated. To add fresh wet gloss lips, apply directly on lips or over your favorite lipstick slightly shine or lip balm. And refresh your lips several times during the day. But again, it is better to use not brown or beige, but more cheerful shades. Almost everyone goes lipstick or glitter of light pink "flower" shade.

And slightly shine. A small gleam at the main points of the face (cheekbones, eyes, lips, temples) creates aura of health and the illusion of tightness. Just do not overdo it – allocate with glitter only one, maximum two areas of the face.

But before applying cosmetics, it is advisable to take a bit for the face. After all, if your skin cooked and flakes, then even the most expensive cosmetics and properly made makeup will not be due. Before applying cosmetics, it is advisable to use scrub, who will return the face smoothness and shine.

After exfoliation, it would be nice to do Moisturizing mask, since the tired face is always dehydrated. Simple moisturizing and toning mask it is easy to make yourself, mixing in arbitrary proportions sour cream, egg yolk and a bit grained fruits, berries or vegetables. Taking a mask, put on the eyelids used tea bags with green or black tea, they will remove swelling and give the tone of the eyelids.

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