Epilation on the face that works and what not

Epilation on the face: What works, and what not?

Facial hair removal – favorable procedure, often quite painful and often there is a risk of skin irritation or worse – serious injury. What areas on the face usually need to be treated in order to get rid of vegetation? For women, it is primarily a zone over the upper lip, where the mustache is often growing with dark brunettes. They can also be covered with a pisch area. Sometimes a woman does not have the desire or simply skills of self-plugging of thick eyebrow eyebrows – frame of the mirror of the soul or time for regular and too frequent visits for this interior procedure. For different cases, epilation is provided: a long-range struggle for smooth skin .

Popular Methods

To begin with, you should specify which methods of processing are completely not suitable for the facial zone. This is definitely shaving, familiar to female legs and even bikini zones, but completely contraindicated for the face, because after such a rapid impulse with the use of cold weapons in the form of blades, hair will grow even more thick and hard. The electric epilator is also worth keeping from the face away, if you do not want to strove into your adorable leaning, ingrown hair with the subsequent sumps, dumping the processing area.

To avoid irritation of delicate skin of the face, it is necessary to be particularly attentive to, deciding to use creams for depilation creams for depilation: not only for beautiful sex that seem completely safe. Irritation, itching, redness, burn due to a chemical reaction is the urgent problem of many women who have thoughtlessly generously dealt with a powerful cream. Such means must be very soft and provided specifically for the face. In any case, before use, you need to spend an allergy test on the inner side of the elbow. If after 24 hours after washing the cream will not manifest any side reaction, then you can use it on the face.

Among the methods of the most popular to remove mustaches on the face, when additional equipment is not required, the wax processing is in great demand. Hot wax on the face – the procedure is not pleasant, but there is an alternative as warm wax or wax strips, which dragged with a sharp movement, leaving on themselves all the hairs. This method is good because available at home. The disadvantage of the method is that the hair is removed mainly only from the surface of the skin, and will continue to grow, and the re-treatment of wax will be possible after they will grow by about 4-5 mm.

Effective methods

Photographicing, laser and electroepilation are not considered the most effective methods of epilation. Customer may optionally ask local anesthesia.

Electroepilation: The finest needle penetrates the hair follicle and kills it with current. Positive moment – with a favorable coincidence in the face of a skillful experienced master, a long-term effect is guaranteed. Negative moment – the procedure is painful and sometimes there is a risk of scar formations on sensitive skin, which turns out to be damaged with undesirable hair. Electricepilation is used to accumulate eyebrows.

Epilation on the face that works and what not

Photoepilation – safe and painless hair removal method with a hope of 100% getting rid of vegetation without returning it. The light beam is sent to the processed zone, causing the destruction of the hair, which then the master plucks.

The work of the hair relief laser is considered very effective, the truth is mostly for brunettes, which he tries to burn hair, making them softer, light and invisible. The laser beam penetrates the hair follicle and after several procedures (5-10 sessions) from dark vegetation there will be no trace, because it destroys the pigment. Although cosmetologists and approve the fact of the absolute safety of laser hair removal, concerned clients are correctly worried, because after an inept session on the face there may be traces.

After any type of epilation, the specialist will ask you to comply with certain recommendations that are to restrict stay in the sun, contacts with water and sparking.

If you are trying to get rid of the hair on your face with the help of available wax strips or cream, remember the observance of hygiene, because, pulling out hair and damaging the skin, you can infection.

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