Electroquigadi – Old form, new content

Electroquigadi – Old form, new content

In the Soviet times, the bills were an indispensable component of a housewife. Of course, the then curiors were thin sticks or thicker fixtures that were fixed on her hair with a simple clamp or rubber band, leaving on the hairstyle the testimony that the night of its owner spent along with a copy of this plastic mass on the head. The times have changed, the curlers were transformed, and now, in the 21st century, they reached their technical apotheosis – now we can use electric curlers that facilitate styling and making it more resistant.


Electro vehicles are a mixture of such a thing as ordinary bills and advantages of electrical inspection curling curling: curl of the fate of the hair: the form remains the same, but now we will easily facilitate daily laying.

Although it is worth making a reservation – you should not use the electroquigads daily. Any, even quite expensive curlers with protective coating affect the hair with high temperature, gradually thinning and relaxing its structure. From constant heating, the tips will decrease and flaw, shine will disappear, hair will hang out and break.

And yet, electroquigudi have a number of indisputable advantages that have not possess the curves of previous generations.

Earlier heated only thermal car. In order for them to take advantage, it was necessary to "cook" them in the water for a few minutes, following the bills not overheat. Hooking them on the hair was extremely inconvenient due to the fact that their form did not provide for at least partial thermal insulation – in the hands it was necessary to twist the hot curlers, barely trying to turn the curls on them.

With the advent of electroquigads there are no such problems anymore. The electrobugudi set is the curlers themselves, which are in a special box, which connects to the network, due to which the heating occurs. Overheating cannot happen – reaching a certain temperature on the curiosity will not be heated.

Large advantage of electroquigadi – heat insulating edges. Now you can keep in your hands even very hot curlers without fear of burning and calmly form curls of the desired thickness and experiment with different ways of winding.

Ceramic coating found an application not only in iron and hair curls. The set of electric curiors can include curiosity as completely with a ceramic coating, and partially having curiosity with ceramic protection, additionally protecting hair from the negative effect of high temperature, making stacking more gentle. Also in the set there may be curled curves with velor.

How to use electroquiguga

Electroquigadi - Old form, new content

You can start the laying in five minutes after the power on the electro. They heat up very quickly, then for 15-20 minutes hold the temperature, after which they slowly cool, due to which the very resistant styling is ensured. Here is lighted and harm. Taking advantage of the screws for curling, we keep strand on the device for a few seconds, while electrobugudi affect the hair with a constant temperature of almost half an hour! Be careful if your hair is weakened and damaged.

Another plus set – the presence of hair curlers of different diameters. Now it is possible to lay out different heads of the head on big curves or smaller.

Recommendations for the use of electroquiguch

Taking advantage of electric curlers for styling, do not forget, as in the case of other hair electrical appliances, use styling means for thermal laying – they protect hair from damage and make laying more resistant.

Do not use the electrobugudi if lacquered, gel, mousse or spray left on your hair, which were previously applied. They are not intended to work with high temperatures, otherwise you can burn your hair strongly, get hard stacking. Wash your first head, but the hair when screwing should not be wet, only dry or slightly wet.

If you have short hair, think before purchasing electroquigads – you may need only volume, while they are designed to create tight curls.

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