Buy it immediately why do you need a scrap scrub

Buy it immediately: why do you need a scrap scrub

Together with a trichologist-consultant, Anna Portkna BeautyHack figured out why scrubs for the skin of the head should be a mandatory stage of care, and amounted to a list of effective funds.

Anna Pistarkov


Scrubs eliminate this problem, improve blood circulation, stabilizing antioxidant status, maintaining the integrity of the horn layer and carefully cleaning from extra.

There are practically no contraindications – with the exception of the hypersensitivity of the scalp, allergic dermatitis and inflammation. After applying the scrub, massaging the skin is 6-8 minutes, without strong pressure. And before applying chemical peeling, I advise you to consult with a specialist».

Scrap scrub O’Right Hinoki

Scrub 100% natural composition. Of the interesting ingredients – Powder Hinoki Tree with strong antiseptic effect.

After scrub, hair is actively perceived by regenerating agents, cell regeneration and blood circulation are amplified. It solves the problems of increased fat, eliminates dandruff and seborrhea.

After using the head wash into two stages: first remove all the large particles and then – small. If you have normal skin, you need to carry out the procedure once a week, if fat – two.

Peeling Time To Grow

The tool is designed with the participation of the International Scientific and Practical Center «Trichology» And absolutely safe. Basic active ingredients: alpha hydroxide, glycolic, beta-hydroxide and salicylic acids, exfolizing dead cells and purifiers.

Green tea extract helps to relieve inflammation and calm the skin, soap-tree saponins have antimicrobial effects.

The exposure time of peeling depends on sensitivity, but in any case should not exceed 15 minutes. After use on the head of the head, apply a post-winch converter for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the shampoo.

Shampoo Scrub Davines Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo

Regenerating shampoo cleans and removes oroging cells. As part – Jojoba oil microcapsules, moisturizing skin. The smallest silicon particles provide high-quality cleansing and stimulate blood circulation in deep layers of dermis.

Shampoo enriched with polyphenols with strong antioxidant properties, cardamon, mint and coriander essential oils – soothe and act as an antiseptic.

Davines Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo can be used daily.

Sea buckthorn scrub Natura Siberica

Buy it immediately why do you need a scrap scrub

Scrub performs three functions: cleans, strengthens hair bulbs, increases blood flow and nutrients to follicles. Suitable for hair of all types. As part of: Altai sea buckthorn oil, Moroccan oil, participating in keratin synthesis, calendula with strong antiseptic properties and yakutic acidic acid.

Means without sulphates and parabens. Apply on wet hair: scrub forms cream foam, well degreasing skin. At the expense of the oil of peppermint, it cool down slightly – This makes a pleasant procedure.

Cleansing Scrub Kapous Fragrancefree

Scrub prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of new.

Abrasive effect is achieved at the expense of walnut microparticles – Delicately exfoliate the upper layer of epidermis and eliminate toxins, reducing the risk of dermatitis.

The extracts of therapeutic herbs calm the scalp and have an antiseptic effect. As part of the scrub there are no fragrances and perfumes – Important for allergies.

The tool is applied to the wet skin of the head by massaging movements without a strong press of 3-5 minutes, and then washed off with water.

Skin Peeling Nioxin Scalp Renew DermaBrasion Treatment

Peeling updates skin cells, cleans and enhances regeneration. The tool perfectly removes the remains of styling agents, excess Cebum and other deep pollution.

In the process there are no unpleasant sensations: burning, tingling, itching. Apply massaging movements and leave for 10 minutes. Use no more than once a month!

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