Buy food for the last time “all free” Mikhail Zygaar turns history into memes

Buy food for the last time: as "all free" Mikhail Zygaar turns history into memes

The once famous journalist, and now the popular author of the historic scientific-ass Mikhail Zygar released the book "All FREE". He talks about the elections of 1996, when President Boris Yeltsin mobilized by President Boris Yeltsin mobilized all his strength and defeated the candidate from Communists Gennady Zyuganov. Chef Storytel and Columnist Buro. talks about a new book and about the faders of our memory.

The President is going to announce his nomination for a second term and start an election campaign. But can’t. The general commanding the President of the President of the President, turned to another general who responds to the special services for reading thoughts, for communication with supernatural and for the protection of the state from mystical threats. And the supernatural general reports that it is impossible to announce the beginning of the election campaign: Mercury retrograde – the time is unsuitable. If you think this is an excerpt from the new (or old) novel Victor Pelevin, then mistaken. We are in front of us Historical non-Ficks about the 1996 election campaign. President – this is Boris Yeltsin, General-guard – Alexander Korzhakov, and mystical general – Georgy Rogozin, a famous personality, whose activities were heated by legends. A, on the other hand, that in modern Russian history is not heated by legends?

Probably, it is worth saying right away: no, this book does not contain loud sensations. Victory Yeltsin, who for six months before the election had a pitiful rating, over long the leading Zyuganov always looked somewhat suspicious – there is a steady myth about stolen victory from the Communists. Moreover, "In 2012, the then President of Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the oppositioners stated: they say, we know that in fact I won Zyuganov in 1996". Zygyar says that he could not find convincing data on mass fraud in favor of Yeltsin, although there is an important episode in the book: Between the first and second tours, Yeltsin calls the heads of those regions, where its results were bad, and suits them hard reprimand. In the next round, the results are already rules. How did the presidents of Tatarstan and North Ossetia achieved this? Let everyone draw himself a convincing picture.

There are more interesting details. For example, Yeltsin in March 1996 was quite seriously prepared to dissolve the Duma, in which the Communists dominated. That is, repeat the events of September – October 1993. Moreover, the government took into account some of the errors of the October crisis and did not plan to shoot on the Duma from tanks. After all, tanks spoil asphalt and look bad. For a new coup (and it was, in fact, about the state coup) bought the gun "Nona" on a wheelchair: and the asphalt does not deteriorate, and bring to the center of Moscow to the Okhotny row can be faster.

Or here is another well-known myth: in 1996, the oligarchs reconciled the election campaign of Yeltsin. On the yygar turns out that there is no. The state gave money to oligarchs, the oligarchs passed them to the campaign to the current president. And not offended. However, with financing there was another story, and a funny and terrible. We needed money for debt payment by state employees, it was in those years, probably the main social problem. The treasury is empty, it is possible to ask for money only at the IMF.

"Yeltsin adopts in Moscow director-manager of the IMF Mishel Camdaze – following the results of the negotiations, the head of the Foundation says Yeltsin that Russia will allocate $ 9 billion. Yeltsin with a stone face pronounces: "Ten". Candessum is embarrassed, notes that all documents are already signed, nothing to replay. Then reproaches the translator in the fact that he incorrectly translated. The translator confirms: "Nine". "Ten" – Yeltsin insists even more sullenly. So lasts a few minutes. Then Yeltsin begins to smile, demonstrating that he joked, and conciliatively says: "You have a lot of money. Add a billion that you should?"

Buy food for the last time

But the problem is still not solved, because the money from the IMF will be slow, and some of them will pay interest on previous loans. Then Yeltsin lashes the cap in a circle – asks for the kings, German chancellor Helmut Kohl, President of France Jacques Shirak, Premiere Italy Silvio Berlusconi – Take a Billion. Here, probably, add a dreamy-liberal "Then we were friends with everyone" or patriotically horrified: "We were a country-beggar". What is good book of the Zygaar, so it allows any interpretation.

There is no copyright enthusias about all the press, and the journalists in 1996 were indeed the fourth, if not the first power. But it is impossible to say that this power of the Russian press then somehow specially accounted for. She talked about one of the candidates only good, and all the bad eyes closed about him. But another candidate, Zyuganov, exposed to a constant criticism. The press explained that in Zyuganov she would be worse. The press believed and became the most perfect weapon in the fight against Zyuganov.

Mikhail Zygar wrote several books, the most important of which is "the whole Kremlin Raint" (about Putin and his surroundings with a brief retelling of the main events of the history of Russia from the resignation of Yeltsin to the accession of the Crimea) and "the Empire must die" (about the main events of Russian history from 1881 in 1917). Although the last time of the Zygar is often referred to as a historian, he writes not scientific works, and he himself declares about it, but a pop non-ficked, calculated on the mass reader. The analysis of errors in his works has long been a self-sufficient sector of production in Facebook and Telegraph. Strictly speaking, Zygyar writes not about people, he writes about memes – sometimes about ready-made, sometimes about created by him. The story here is divided into short and spectacular episodes, each of which reader or listener will be happy to retell in the coffee shop, in the bar or yoga. And if in the case of a history about which the research volume has already been written, this method seems blasphemed, then in the case of the history of the recent one just right. So we go away from uncomfortable questions (so what happened in 1996 – Yeltsinsky saved democracy or destroyed it?) and quietly enjoy the madness of the picture. Retrograde Mercury, gun on wheels, "Vote or lose", buy food for the last time, give a billion, bastard EMVEFOV.

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