Business Suits 2011 in the Spirit of Minimalism

Business Suits 2011: In the Spirit of Minimalism

"Nothing excess" – so conditionally you can formulate the motto of business fashion in 2011. Business Suits 2011 is a predominantly strict classic, only a slightly detail, which, however, is also very discreet. Conservative and minimalist approach makes itself felt even when choosing a color scheme: Business fashion takes berets: a fashionable headdress for weapons mainly shades of gray, blue and brown. And on this background, the total domination of black color does not weaken.

Equally strong position in business fashion occupy trouser suits and suits with skirts. The first option is inclined to greater democraticness in the sense that the styles of trousers can be very different – from free and long to narrow and concise. Classic pants, trousers – bananas, bridges long to knee and even shorts which shorts to wear this summer? . Fashion requirements 2011 to skirts for business costumes are formulated more accurately: they must comply with the Mini Standard and contain a light hint of the trends of the seventies, the eighties and nineties of the XX century. In other words, skirts with the smell, skirts, pencils and tulip skirts become relevant.

Business Suits from Chanel: Paris Chic

In business suits 2011 represented by the fashion house Chanel, the main theme remains royal chic and luxury. Even the patron of this collection of designers chose a lion. And their models are interesting, first of all, a variety of textures and closer colors. Chanel puts in the head of the corner such shades like dark blue, chestnut and burgundy. They are especially superbly looking at the velvet and satin texture, and also there was an application of velvet and branded "Shaneevsky" tweet.

Understanding unusual stroke of jackets: Chanel designers significantly expanded the outlines of the shoulder and sleeves. But long to call the sleeves on these models can not be completely impossible, they are tailored on the principle of "three quarters". In addition, in Chanel, they find very interesting use in business suits of the fur decor: in particular, the skirts with a sprinkling of natural furs on the bottom of the heater look very impressive.

Karl Lagerfeld: Dedicated from the highest society

The strict cut of business costumes beats in 2011 and such a famous Master of Fashion, like Karl Lagerfeld. It offers business women to wear pencil skirts and dresses-cases in combination with tightly fastened double bed jackets. Just as Chanel, Lagerfeld ingraded has experimented with their parameters: it shocked the sleeves, then expanded the line of the shoulder.

Business Suits 2011 in the Spirit of Minimalism

Commenting on the collection from Lagerfeld, fashion critics note that it is no longer tied to the image of a flower girl and a romantic cowlush, as it was in 2010. Thanks to the enthusiasm for business suit, he created a new heroine – a lady from the highest society. She is exquisite and confident in herself, wears shortened jackets trapezing with lush sleeves and non-shy skirt movements with a small number of folds on the hips.

Georgio Armani: Eternal Classic

At the showroom of the 2011 business costumes from Emporio Armani, the classic clearly prevail. The basis for this collection has become strict dresses and skirts of black and gray colors. Despite this, Armani presented and fairly playful options: skirts – trapezoids and slaughtered skirts from chiffon with ruffles. The designer is not neglected and such a reception as a decoration of discreet business suits with floral applications.

As for the length of the skirts in business suits from Armani, then she is short enough. The designer wants to remind a business woman that with all the inclination to conservatism you can stay free and relaxed. With dredged skirts, he recommends that wearing jackets and jackets with what wearing jackets: the types of the figure of the classic cut, and with more laconic skirts, deprived of design sizes – jackets with a "highlight", for example, with asymmetric clasps. Another trend from Armani – checkered jackets, which are worn with monophonic skirts, dresses or trousers. Unlike Chanel and Lagerfeld, Georgio Armani gives preference to classic, slightly fitted silhouettes and a natural, clearly defined shoulder line, only barely underlined by small beads. Best accessories for such costumes, in his opinion, can serve as large bracelets on both hands, clutches and original appliant shoes.

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