Business suit. Walk by catalogs

Business suit. Walk by catalogs

The concept of "female business suit" introduced an unforgettable Coco Chanel. Business suit – an integral attribute of the modern world. To get a good job, establish yourself in the team, proven yourself before the bosses, you need to be stylish and tastefully dressed.

The current business fashion, however, is quite democratic. What was considered first invalid in business clothes now becomes quite acceptable.

The most suitable is the neutral tone of a business suit. Remember such a nuance: the colors of the cold spectrum are slightly repulsed, and warm – they have to themselves.

Catalog "Quelle" Offer

A peculiar outfit for a woman consisting of a cardigan with two big buttons on loops and trousers. It is worth paying attention to how the edge of the cardigan is decorated, as elegantly it looks like this suit with a white blouse! No excesses, rigor – this is exactly the option that does not only fit thin, but also a complete woman. Such an outfit will find your envious surprise. Recommended dimensions – 44-60.

A trouser suit for a business woman consisting of a spacious jacket in the style of "club Blarizer", which has become popular in the early 60s, and straight trousers. Such a jacket can be successfully worn and with a skirt. The length of it can range from 70 to 75 cm. Single-breasted, with large overhead pockets, such a jacket will be perfectly combined with a lot of things of your wardrobe. Your fantasy will help you with. At work you will look not only professionally, but also elegant.

Original version of the cardigan jacket with a collar and V-neck. White small pearlescent buttons and side cuts will highlight a cardigan-jacket from the total weight of the outfits of your colleagues. Such an outfit will look good even on a very complete woman.

The "NECKERMANN" directory offers

An option of a businesswoman’s trouser – this is an elongated jacket, closing a hip, collar, large overhead pockets, metal buttons of small sizes.

Female suit in the current black version with white contrast finish. Three large white buttons give the solemn view.

Catalog "Bonprix"

Trouser suit with thin stripe. Double-row, slightly fitted Blyzer until the middle of the hips with the Viennese seams. A peculiar form of collar. Such an outfit will fit a confident woman.

Business suit. Walk by catalogs

The Catalog "Bauer" offers

In such a suit, the woman will look like a real charming. She will be able to make not only his boss, but also a beloved man. Red color – color confident women. Contrast black shoes, black handbag and black buttons will play their role in female success. Feel free to wear bright things! In them, many of us look irresistibly.

Blazer and vest – Fashionable set of autumn-winter 2007. With such an outfit, a contrast long skirt will look good. Metal buttons still remain the hit of the season. It is worth paying special attention to the jacket. Buttons serve only decoration. Fashionable reverse collar and valves on shoulders are also beneficially distinguished by this option. Such an outfit will only emphasize the dignity of the female figure and give your appearance a special charm.

Elegant female suit designed by modern designers. Blyzer is a very beautiful shape with one multi-value button. Three oblique moldings on one side of the chest effectively emphasize your image.

Fantasy designers do not know borders and does not give quietly to sleep fans of fashion houses. Designers try to please women, make them stylish, extravagant, beautiful in any situation.

Revising one or another catalog, we try to find an optimal clothing option for yourself. We want to look modern and fashionable. We want to hide your age and disadvantages of our figures. And in this catalogs and designers we successfully help us.

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