Bulk oil and its benefits

Bulk oil and its benefits

Boxed oil – a unique product that has long been preparing our ancestors. Bulk oil can be stored without a refrigerator, as there are no proteins that are a nutrient medium for bacteria. It does not mold – there is no moisture in it. Milk sugar (lactose) when cooking caramelized and settles on the bottom of the tank, so such an oil can be eaten by people who do not tolerate lactose.

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It contains a large number of fat-soluble vitamins necessary: ​​E, and, which are powerful antioxidants.

Bulk oil contains about 5% indispensable fatty linolic acid (omega -6), which is easily absorbed by the body.

In order to cook the foam oil, you need to take high-quality butter without additives. I usually buy oil in the market in a verified (experienced) seller. This is fresh oil produced in the farming, without additives and preservatives. If there is no possibility to buy such an oil, we choose in the store creamy oil of a reliable manufacturer of the highest fatty, this is usually 82.5%.

Oil can be stirred on the plate or in the oven. In any case, you need quality utensils, the best thick-walled with a multi-layer bottom. I have a stainless steel saucepan with a semi-layer bottom.
Also need:
– The dishes in which we will store the foiled oil: clean dry glass jars or ceramic tanks;
– spoon or shimmer for mixing;
– dense strain or colander (if necessary, it is possible to strain oil through the fabric).

Put the oil into a saucepan with such a calculation so that in a melted state it did not reach the upper edge by 8-10 cm. The fact is that a foam that can be formed at the beginning of the process "run away" From full capacity. I do not cut the oil into pieces, although it is possible to cut before downloading to the pan. First we melt oil on slow heat, preventing its burning.

After all the oil was melted, mix it thoroughly and increase fire. A foam of milk protein, moisture and lactose is formed on the surface.

After bubbles appear on the surface, we reduce the fire to a minimum and do not interfere in the process, only observe its move.

Over time, foam decreases and a dense film is formed on the surface, which we will remove before overflowing the foam oil into banks.

Foam can be removed during the boiling process, I did it at first, but over time I was convinced that this is superfluous. Removed foam added to baking or in the dough for pancakes.
This is how the oil looks like after about 30 minutes from the start of the process:

How long do you need to drown oil? It depends on the amount of oil, its quality and sizes of the pan. The wider pan, the faster the moisture evaporates. The main thing is to observe the condition of the oil in the process.

It looks like this that looks like a foiled oil after 1 hour: it has acquired transparency, amber color and a pleasant aroma with nuts. At the bottom of the pan, a small amount of darkened substance is visible, these are caramelized sugar on the bottom.

Bulk oil and its benefits

After 1 hour 15 minutes from the start of the process, I turned off the stove.

Fucking oil drain through the citerbu in banks. At the bottom of the pan, quite a bit of sediment. But sometimes there is a precipitate more, especially if there were additives or a large content of sugars in the creamy oil.

As a result, this amber fragrant foiled oil turned out. After cooling, oil hardens, banks close with lids. Fine oil can be stored both in the refrigerator and at room temperature, it can be stored for a very long time.

Beneficing oil:
– Strengthens or restores immunity;
– slows down the effect of free radicals;
– normalizes metabolic processes;
– contributes to the normalization of digestion and withdrawal from the body of toxins;
– enriches the body with vitamins A, E, unsaturated fatty acids.

Fine oil can be used for cosmetics, it is an excellent nutritious and softening agent without harmful additives and preservatives.

In addition to ordinary baked oil, you can cook flavored by adding spicy herbs in a saucepan, spices.

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