Bulitikharker of the week Alexander Kiriyenko – how to make perfect makeup for a photo

Budutikharker Week: Alexander Kiriyenko – how to make perfect makeup for a photo

And star makeup artist, beauty blogger with 124-thousand «Instagram» and sister of the model Elena Perminovova, Alexander Kiriyenko, – About highlights of highlights, shadows and tones for filming. BeautyHack publishes the best tips!

Alexandra Kiriyenko

Independent make-up artist

"Even if you know that you will be photographed, makeup should still be" carrier ", real for life – not only for a photo in Instagram. You need a little more dense tone and means in cream textures. ".


The photo «eats» colors – The skin may look matte, but at the same time lifeless. It is necessary to highlight it, but without fatty shine. Lena often flies, the skin dries, so the first rule – Moisturizing. I rub in my palms oil-primer from SMashbox.

When it heats up in his hands, nano on the whole face (if the skin is fat, I recommend to avoid the T-zone). On top of it – Primer Charlotte’S Magic Cream from Charlotte Tilbiry. The skin is moistened and ready for the tonal.


I like the buzzer Giorgio Armani (often mixing Luminous Silk C Lasting Silk).

But for evening makeup for the event, I work with an airbrush Temptu – The coating is obtained the most persistent.

Then drinking the T-zone – I like the powder from Becca, which gives a matte finish. In the photo, it is not noticeable, even if closer.


My favorite sculptor – Becca. He is very correct – gray-earth, cold, gives the effect of natural shadow. Well outlines cheekbones and sowed faces. From above duplicate dry bronzer (if Lena tanned).

In makeup always use highlights – at Becca they are the best. My favorite – Liquid and dry shimmering skin perfector. If shooting in the studio, I use the first. If on the street – the second.

Bulitikharker of the week Alexander Kiriyenko - how to make perfect makeup for a photo


Intergrantan contour We work as a pencil – Eyes immediately become expressive, and eyelashes – thicker, it is always visible in the photo.

As for the shadows, I recommend combining dry and cream textures. Cream Use as a basis (such is Tom Ford, Becca, Giorgio Armani).

For filming, I most often choose a shade number 9 of Giorgio Armani Eye Tint – Suitable for everyone, especially those who have a hanging eyelid. No need to draw a fold – gives a good shadow, and in the center of the century there is already a glare. Decidation of dry textures on Giorgio Armani Eye Tint is performed in a couple of brush.


I try to make Lips Lena as neutralized. She has very expressive eyes and lush eyelashes – The whole focus on them. If the makeup for the daytime event, barely touch the lips of the lipstick or a tint of gentle pink or peach color. For example, Becca Beach Tint. They can still (and need!) apply on cheeks – Resistant pigment with a khailaite effect refreshing.

For the evening image, I kill the contour and be sure to hatch the lips with a pencil, I decide the borders and then nano lipstick. Lena most often applied nude lipstick Tom Ford in shade number 13.

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