Budget transparent lip contour pencil

Budget transparent lip contour pencil

Good day, dear beauties! Tell me, please, I can’t remember where there is, in which brand from the mass of colorless lip pencils. Well, such wax or silicone, what they are there. In general, it is very necessary and until March 8, but still I do not get into the store, so that there is no hurry. Waiting for answers.

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I will listen to) I know only ArtDeko, Dior, Faberlik, Biiu – but never tried in practice.

Budget transparent lip contour pencil

And I saw live only Misha Korean, I can’t remember others, but someone somewhere meld. I just bought myself and mother-in-law on the apocalypse Rimmel bright)) Oh, how he runs away in the folds circle, infection. I want to buy myself and buy it.

Suites know, but I do not want. ARTDEKO is not near at all, Biya removed the stand to the RG, Faberlik would take, and in general the cones disappeared.

Also remembered about ArteDeko, Biiu and more expensive. Rating on reviews in my opinion beats Isador, but I personally did not find it anywhere, in general, with their Isador stands ((compared to no worse than dior or givens. You can watch Lavuelovsky Universal with under-stop Cupid. I wanted to take it, but after I bought Goroginsky Yves Rocher Pink and the need disappeared.

Isa Dari is not anywhere, yeah. That’s about Yves Roche thought, there is a light sort of physical, yes? He, too, like wax?

Letual. FRar, not, I will not go (

They have automatic lips colorless for 300r., To be honest I do not know which one he. I have white (in fact pinkish) pencil 3 in 1.

I understood, thanks, I’ll see, Il in access will be soon just.

Oh, a wonderful topic, I also want this, but I thought that only the givens and Dior could be found (and the toad does not give). But now I know about ArteDeko, Biya, Isador and Letual, I kind of)) Thanks!

I have a pencil ARTDEKO. It is quite good, but it’s hard for me to apply on the contour, I do not see it at all)))
You can still try the pencil Eva Pearl (there is such a thing), but it is not transparent.

We must look and Eve, maybe already and transparent)

I had two from ARTDEKO. Mechanical. Included Sharchochka.

First i painted the whole to the last drop.

But my second broke and somehow unsuccessfully. And he went as not very good, did not fit. Threw out.

I bought a ban on a shift.

So I want to say that this one like that best lies. Top Tocychka. No problem. Do not break. But the share of accuracy should have. Well, this is really not visible. Light, look at the bottom of the lip. This bright strip is a pencil. Lipstick holds. Lips are not dried. And yet, the light, the pencil need to use – dries away when it is lying out without. But it is easily painted. I just wipe the cutting layer.

And I agree with Oksy, at the expense of a pencil from Yves Rocher, who Lena Kryglin advises. On parts of bright pencils I still liked Seforovsky. Contour pencil for lips from the Nano series in shade №04 Candid Candy from Sephora. Letoalevsky I taped. For me, he is too yellow.

And look at my post about pencil-highlight from Catrice. Now they have a thin eye for the stroking eyes, but I did not shove it. And something like that for eyebrows. I would use it all for lips. But this pencil crawler is so slowly consuming that I don’t even think to take something else.

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