Brutyukhaker of the week Marina Roy about hair care and favorite means

Bertihaker Week: Marina Roy about hair care and favorite means

Oil and silicones are suitable for OMU, and who they are contraindicated? How to remove fluffiness and how beautiful to arrange natural curls? Says star stylist on the hair of Marina Roy.

Marina Roy

Star Stylist on Hair, Makeupist, Ambassador of Tigi Brand in Russia, Creator of School Stylists Marina Roy Hair School

Among the clients of Marina – Elena Banya, Yana Rudkovskaya, Ksenia Sobchak, Elena Permnova, Natalia Shimikchik and other IT-Girls.

In hair care is the most important thing – understand what you have specifically hair type. If making choose incorrectly, the quality of the hair will suffer, and the quality of laying. For each type of hair – your shampoos, balms, masks and additional funds.

If the hair is heavy, they do not need to overload textures and compositions in which there are oils or silicones. The more hair on the hair of various components, the more heavier they will be. Such hair will never be volumetric, will not keep styling and, which often happens, will not look neat.

If the hair is thin, especially bright, turns on another principle – we can not moisturize them, do not eat and not treated. To light hair look alive, they need oils and silicones. Why blondes do not need to be afraid of silicones? Because only synthetic substances operate on porous hair. They act as a medical lacquer – smoothed uncovered scales.


In the diet of my hair, oil is necessarily present, without it, I – noway! Nano on wet hair after washing, then – on dry. The oil is perfectly removed «Pushok», which often appears on light porous hair.

Shampoo and balsam

Brutyukhaker of the week Marina Roy about hair care and favorite means

My hair is curly and amused, so I constantly pull them. Tigi has found a convenient means – Cleansing air conditioner 2 in 1, I use it instead of shampoo and balm. What I like him? Since curls I do not wear, this air conditioner helps compact hair. Even if I won’t straighten them, but leave the natural texture, the curls will turn out not fluffy, but beautifully decorated. This is especially true in the summer at sea when the hair strives to turn into «dandelion». There I will definitely use it.

Shampoos need to alternate about every month – Hair get used to the means, and this is noticeably reflected on their quality. I always have two types of shampoo in the arsenal, I also advise customers from two.


Even if the hair is very dry and damaged, this mask will restore them for one application. As part – Complex of four oils (oil seeds Prakayxi, Argan oil, Camellia oil and corn grains oil). I nano for 5 minutes, sometimes even less. I do not believe that the mask needs to keep 20 minutes – This makes no sense, because the remedy has already penetrated the hair scales. Although for this, of course, you need not just put the mask on the hair on top – It is important to carefully treat every hair, even better – Speak pays. Each hair should get your power portion.

On the root mask need to be applied only to those who have very fluffy hair. If you have a heavy hair or care of the oily skin of the head, apply only to the tips. All additional means, one way or another you take hair, and when the hair is heavy, the sebaceous glands work in reinforced mode, try to protect them.

It seems to me that hair – This is the face of a girl. You can wear expensive clothes, make a professional makeup, but if the hair is not in order, everything else is no longer important. Hair deserve that we treat them every day with all care.

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