Boring and sad 6 reasons why you can’t find your style

Boring and sad: 6 reasons why you can’t find your style

The search for your style seems a fairly simple task – exactly until we come across difficulties at the first stage and again begin to buy trend things that quickly come out of fashion and do not help us build a functional wardrobe. Tell about the most common mistakes that prevent you from looking stylish and feel harmonious in your own clothes.

We all understand the scale of the influence that our clothes are on the idea of ​​us. Few people will go on a first date or an interview to a large company in training. We realize that clothes creates the first (and often the most important) impression of us and has a conversation (or, on the contrary, can put a cross on further communication). The correct outfit can help you feel more confident when it is most needed – he can serve both armor and inspiration. Personal style reveals who we are actually. This approach, method, technique you chose to best present you as a person.

Thoughtful personal style is also self-confidence and the ability to feel truly beautiful in what we wear. Therefore, the study of one’s own style, which would tell the right story about you, is an extremely important thing. However, in the first stages, the search for the perfect wardrobe, many of us commit the same mistakes. We tell about the most popular misses that women admit on the way to their own style.

Error number 1: You only focus on trends

Of course, without viewing the current actual directions, in no way – despite the fact that the fashion of the cyclical, many things require citement. In addition, podium images and luckers are excellent (albeit rather hypertrophied) instructions on how different things can be combined.

Many put a sign equals between fashion and style. Why buy tendencies that after a few months will cease to be relevant? In fact, in search of our own style, blinding trends helps extremely rarely – seasons together with current trends are replaced, and now you already feel that you have to replenish the wardrobe again and again, while your former things are not happy. In fact, trends are the complete opposite of personal style, because they arise only when the huge masses of people begin to acquire the same things. So forget about trends and focus on things that you really attract.

Boring and sad 6 reasons why you can't find your style

Error number 2: Do not know your winning things

Less follow trends and think more about what is suitable for you and what is convenient for you – the most important mantra. Agree, Oversiz goes far from all – just like the fitted dresses in the vintage style are not suitable for every woman. Viewing lists of trends and going to the store, always think that reflects you personally and what things from all this variety are really responding in the shower. Equally important meaning and goals – want you to emphasize the figure or, on the contrary, feel more comfortable in free outfits? If, for example, you are most comfortable in jackets as much as possible, why not buy such in various colors and mix with jeans, trousers, skirts and mood t-shirts, getting completely diverse images?

Error №3: Basic Wardrobe – Panacea

We have repeatedly told that in the modern realities of the basic wardrobe there is no. We all have a different routine of the day, different work, different taste preferences and a different pace of life. Someone is engaged in the house, someone builds a business, and someone does both. One more comfortable in jeans and trousers – others in skirts and dresses. The universal list of things that will suit absolutely everyone without exception does not exist.

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