Book Polkamyant Karina Cossary of Favorite Books

Book Polkamyant Karina Cossary of Favorite Books

In the heading "Book Regiment" We ask journalists, writers, scientists, curators and other heroines about their literary preferences and publications that occupy an important place in their bookcase. Today, the musician Karina Kazaryan is divided by its own stories about favorite books.

Karina Kazaryan

Old Testament
I think one
From the most beautiful texts. When
I broke my leg,
I had a strict mode: read ten pages every day

I think my habit of reading, most likely, arose because of boredom who reigned in the city where I grew up. But curiousness also made his job: I knew that it was in every corner of our apartment, and every book in the parent library. Their library mainly consisted of analytical and political literature: for example, there were books on forensic examination and twenty-first CPSU Central Committee Congress. I really liked to look at the pictures of "Bhagavad-gita" and "origin of species", but the most precious thing I found there is the biography of Andrei Platonova.

In Omsk, when I grew up, the book "This is me, Edka" Eduard Limonova, published by a large circulation of local book publishing house. Me, like many children, maniforno forbidden, and it was almost the first book, which I read with interest after the "rider without head" and "human amphibian man". I will not say that I was delighted, but the author mentioned Henry Miller’s preface and told that he flew in one aircraft with Alain Rob Griery. I usually recognized the writers too through books (for example, Miller I learned about Knuta Gamsun and Arture Rambo). I did not particularly have advisers: I almost did not communicate with anyone before the student. At the Institute, I and the three of my friend only did that they trampled the Siberian Earth from idleness and talked. Very often, especially in winter, we spent time in a bookstore on Lenin Street. It was our second favorite view of leisure after joint views of Jesus Lizard Lizus and Big Black on YouTube.

Book Polkamyant Karina Cossary of Favorite Books

In seventeen years, the Internet appeared in my life, and the problem of information deficit disappeared by itself. Quite by chance I came across the group "Marginal Cinema and Literature" "VKontakte", from where I learned about Zhana and George Bata. My goal was to study everyone, and I had a gem notepad with names: I chose at an intuitive level. At the twenty-one, I moved to Moscow and started looking for a job. At this time, amazing small coincidences between my real life and the content of the books I read at that time. The brightest is the work by the adcloser ads and reading the "Post Office" of Bukovski or the time when I had no money at all, and I read "Hunger" Knuta Gamsun. I liked to experience myself and imagine myself the heroine of novels.

At that time I read books, and I was not interested in reality. I was beyond the harsh life in Moscow did not disappoint me. The most correct decision at that time was to get a bookstore, the lion’s share of an insignificant salary in which I spent again on books. At the age of twenty-six years I have read only one book for the year, and it was "Cheving" Platonov. Constantly discharged quotes, for example: "On a nailed road, a pedestrian went towards. From time to time he went to bed and rolled up, and then he went on his legs again, "" Speak round "," Your horse – burzhuy "," the blood in my head thinks "," somehow it stinks somehow "," "subject knows Forgot ". Still, one of my favorite books is the Old Testament. When I broke my leg, I had a strict mode: read ten pages every day. Old Testament I consider one of the most beautiful texts, the present treasure is a song song.

Then I exchanged fiction on the study of the theory of sound to understand the foundations of sound engineering – the reason for this was a session of electronic music. It brought great pleasure and distracted from the bustle, but I acutely understood that my thoughts become practical and landed. I was embarrassed that I was cooling to the artistic literature and it became uninteresting to read your favorite authors. Now I read three books in parallel, and I got into habit to prevent them. Previously finish books was the goal and rule, but now I do not see in this sense. Reading for me no longer replenishing gaps and not a way to pump erudition. I like to find a random page in a random book and just read it, lying on the bed.

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