11 Historical serials that will scribe you evening (or night)

11 historical serials that will scribe you evening (or night)

Everything is beautiful in them: from luxurious costumes to piercing love stories. And the plot is so captures that you do not immediately return to reality and you still dream of a long time for the time car moved you into the past.

1 "Abbey Dounton"

After the first season output, the real dantonomania began. Fans of the series broke flea markets in search of interior items in Modern style, ordered photo shoots in costumes of the beginning of the 20th century, made hairstyles for Lady Mary and arranged costumed parties. And the network has a lot of memes and quotes Lady Vaiolet in the execution of brilliant Maggie Smith.

A total of six seasons were filmed, but the audience demanded more! And the creators of them were heard: the full-length film "Abbey Dounton" comes in autumn. You have time to see all the series and remember the main events from the life of the Aristocratic Family Crowley.

2 "Magnificent Century"

Sultan Suleiman’s love of Sultan Suleiman to his concubine Hurrem turned out to be large-scale and spectacular. Especially for filming was built the scenery of the palace halls, hundreds of costumes were sewed, invented amazing decorations. By the way, all the outfits of women harem — Pure fiction. Historical data on how dressed up at the time of the sultan concubine, simply does not exist.

The picture from the screen struck the imagination of many girls. One wanted in a harem, another – Rakhat-Lukuma and quail, the third – Ring with Emerald, like Hurrem. Fashion on the series about the life of Turkish Padishakh picked up and we. At the beginning of the year our answer was "the magnificent century" – the TV project "Sultan of my heart".

3 "Stranger"

Fans of the series dream to be on the site of the main character Claire. Passing through magic stones, it moves from the 40s of the 20th century in the XVII century. Wild time, proud Scots in skirts, lack of medicines, witch hunting … All this does not seem so terrible if you receive a young and hot husband as a reward (by the word, in addition to the already existing spouse that remained in the future).

Heroes have time to visit not only in Scotland, but also in the magnificent Versaille, and after they moved to colonial America. Adventures continue! The series extended another two seasons.

4 "Medici"

11 Historical serials that will scribe you evening (or night)

Light version of the series "Tudors". The viewer immerses the life of the influential rulers of Italian Florence. The history of the medii family is full of intrigue, but there is a romance, the beauty of relationships (nevertheless, none of the Medici sinned the murder of his wives).

It is not necessary to discount the mindscrew types of Florence, a brief excursion in the history of the arts and "Guest" roles of Oskarone Dustina Hoffman and the actor-spoiler Sean Bina.

In Russian rental from seasons different names. First – "Medici: Lords of Florence", the second – "Magnificent Medici". How will be called the third, which will be released in the fall, is still unknown.

5 "Crown"

The series talks about Life Elizabeth II. The story begins with her climb to the throne. In those days, Queen was a big fashionista, so the costumes had to work hard for the serial outfits exactly to repeat the real (they even created a copy of the queen’s dresses from coronation).

All the efforts were not in vain: the series has several awards and a lot of fans. Say, Elizabeth II herself gladly looks at him, although he believes that some moments from her life are too dramatized.

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