100 Films, after which you want to travel_5

100 films, after which you want to travel

Two American women, Vicky and Christina, travel to Barcelona in search of adventures and both can not resist the charm of the hot Spanish artist. But the most interesting starts when the former wife of the hero invades the story, performed by the incomparable Penelope Cruz.

52. “Up”

Wonderful cartoon about the boy and a girl who dreamed of a journey to South America all his life, but, unfortunately, she also aged, having fulfilled her dream. But 78-year-old Karl, in the company of Boyskaut Russell and the dog went to the paradise waterfall, raising his own home into the sky with the help of a huge number of balloons.

53. “And everything covered”

It seemed that it was impossible to adapt the book of Jonathan Safran Fouj, filled with language confusion, but the creators of the film coped with this task at the highest level. Sunflower field – Powerful and beautiful image and Home Association with this film. Young American Jew performed by Eliji Wood wants to find a woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis during World War II. For this, the hero will go to the Ukrainian place Trohimbrod, which no longer exists under the former name, as it was completely destroyed by the Nazis in 1942.

54. “Tourist”

The theme of love and adventures in Venice is so capturing that he can compete in importance, except, with the stellar composition of this film. After all, the main roles here were performed by Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. And if you add a story with the change of appearance of Alexander’s thief and exposure to the British intelligence agent, beautiful Alice on the background of the sights of Venice and a unique Italian nature, then the irrepressible tourist will wake up in you much earlier than you look at the movie to the end.

55. “Exchange leave”

Sometimes the change in the situation and place of residence is the best tool to get rid of life troubles. It was fortunate enough to make sure the heroines of this beautiful romantic comedy. Iris provides its snowy house in County Sarray, England and departs in a modernly equipped apartment in Sunny Los Angeles, California. And Amanda comes from America to her house.

56. “Fallen work”

Cultural shock as a consequence of corporate translation on work from Seattle in Bombay. The main character is sent to the unknown, unattractive country to him with many cultural differences that he is unbearable to realize. But in the end, India is finally and irrevocably conquer him.

57. “One day”

100 Films, after which you want to travel_5

Melancholic life story that happened on the streets of Dublin. Talent, music, songs and romance – the main leitmotifs of this film. Meeting and love of the main characters, a street musician and Czech immigrant, enthusiastic art, illogical and can not have a continuation, but will forever leave the mark in their hearts.

58. “Eleven friends of Oushen”

Criminal film about gangs from the heart of Las Vegas. The casino robbery calculated to the smallest detail was successfully implemented. Even the fact that we know about the need to Danny again return to prison for violation of the conditions of early liberation, does not deprive the film of spectator interest.

59. “Memoirs of a Geisha”

Western view of a delicate and original Japanese world. It is especially noteworthy that we are talking about the adaptation of the book of American Japan. Despite the American subtext, the history of the Japanese Cinderella and the romantic atmosphere of the East will not leave indifferent any amateur to melodram.

60. “Brave Heart”

One of those film about which it is enough to mention that someone immediately exclaimed: “Excellent film!”.This work is always associated with Scotland and Scottles with an epic and romantic storyline. In addition, the incredible success of the film, turned the face of Mela Gibson, painted in blue, in the icon of the nineties.


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