10 Things you need to do right now to look perfect on New Year’s Eve

10 things you need to do right now to look perfect on New Year’s Eve

When the new year remains a few days, we often start a crazy race with ourselves. But even among the burning deeds and endless lists of shopping, you have time to be on New Year’s Eve the most beautiful.

1 go to manicure

If you are used to making a manicure in the cabin, be sure to think about it until the main night of the year. It will give you confidence and calm. And if the gel lacquer is not your story, just gently dug nails and cut them with a transparent varnish (you can with sparkles).

2 Prepare the skin

We are sure you know it, but just in case I will recall again: well-trained skin is the key to the fact that you get a cool makeup . A few days before the New Year, take a course for total moisturizing – Means with hyaluronic acid should be your best friends. And in the morning of January 31, use intensely moisturizing mask.

3 Receive Maikap

You, of course, not a bride, but on the rehearsal makeup also you have the right. Just because it will save time and nerves. Pallet that does not give a pigment? Sparkles that annoy their eyes? Lip gloss, which smells like air freshener? All these risk factors will be excluded in advance.

4 Make a hair mask

And better – a whole series. It can be both an intense feeding mask for hair from the store and the product from "Grandma Cosmetics". With the first definition itself, and on the second we will tell. One of the best ways to bring hair in order with the help of natural components – Coconut oil . Apply it to moisturized curls for 10-20 minutes before washing the head.

5 Relax

Advice, at first glance, not related to beauty, is actually connected with her more than others. Stresses disgustly affect your skin, and before the new year they have them and so enough. So it is best to afford to relax a little in all of this bustle – with the help of a bath with aromamaslas, for example.

6 Slash Napkins with Auto Plant

Why not solarium? Too much "but", including all sorts of unpleasant dermatological effects. I agree, the auto markets of all kinds, including lotions and sprays, can dump clothes and some strange to smell. But they are safe for health and make you a rosy bun very quickly.

7 buy false eyelashes

10 Things you need to do right now to look perfect on New Year's Eve

New Year is one of the few holidays when with false eyelashes you will not look like a too much. And you will look appropriate, sexy and in every sense perfectly. We will reveal the secret: the most important glue in the fake eyelashes. If it is good, it turns out to stick even cilia from fixing. Although it is fair to be taken up to the 31st, we also stand.

8 Take care behind the zone neckline

We pay a person to the maximum of attention, but for some reason the neck zone and neckline does not fall into this focus. At the same time, it is just as exposed to UV rays, wind, snow, rain and anything else. We strongly recommend not to forget about it in care – at least discharge the face cream is slightly lower than planned – and spend a little more time before the new year.

9 Make Mist

This is such a moisturizing miracle spray that will help refresh the makeup overnight. You, of course, you can buy it in the Korean store or not very cosmetics. But it is easy to make himself: take a bottle with a spray and pour to the mineral water – ready.

10 Do not forget about Highlight

This is already advice from the series "per second to", but still. To the New Year’s makeup looked fabulously, in the final, passing a shining highlyer on the chests, the back of the nose and a tick above the upper lip . And let your 2021th be the brightest and happy.

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