10 Products for the best brain

10 products for the best brain

And for this natural "dope" to improve brain activity you will not even.

When the energy is almost completely spent on the fight against inappropriate and constant stress, and the brain seems to not want to leave the winter hibernation, feel free to contact these products.

In general, water does not apply to food products, but, nevertheless, it is simply indispensable for brain. Dehydration of the body can lead to very unpleasant consequences, causing quite serious brain damage. For example, the most common cause of headaches – dehydration, which we ourselves are satisfied, without observing the banal drinking mode. And it is impossible to think on the sore head. So that everything is in order, drink a day, at least eight glasses of water.


Cranberries is the source of antioxidants – substances that perform the role of the so-called "shield", protecting the cell of our body from damage and disease. In particular, they do not give malicious molecules to spoil the vessels supplying the blood brain.


Spinach – Favorite Garnish of All Women Sitting On Diet. First, it can be unusually tasty to cook, secondly, it is also useful! Spinach retains youth nerve cells, and also helps brain activity.

In it, large quantities contain polyunsaturated fatty acids that participate in the metabolic processes in the brain, increase the content of "good" cholesterol and reduce the number of "bad". The sea fish also contains phosphorus, which is necessary for the growth and maintenance of the normal state of teeth and bones. Salmon – one of the best sources of beloved by us omega-3 fatty acids that improve communication between brain cells. Which has a beneficial effect on everything without exceptions – from hand-leg management to solving integral equations.


Beets are rich in betaine – a substance that contributes to improving mood, well-being, reaction and ability to concentrate. It is desirable to eat it in raw form, for example, losing in a salad, sprinkling oil and vinegar.


Blueberry not only helps to slow down the fall of view, but also reduces the risk of brain deterioration due to aging. To a lesser extent, blackberry and raspberries have this property, but all three mentioned berries help excellent and well absorb the knowledge gained at any age.

Dried apricots

Our beloved representative of dried fruits is rich in iron and vitamin C. Iron stimulates the work of the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for the analytical thinking, and the vitamin C helps the gland is better absorbed. For better effect, eat 5-6 pieces of dried apricots per day.


It turns out that the hinding of eggplant contains an anthocyanin – dark pigment and at the same time antioxidant. These substances contribute to the preservation of the required amount of fat in the membranes of brain cells, protecting them in this way from damage.

About coffee is a lot of disputes, whether this product is so harmful, as we tell about it? In fact, caffeine stimulates brain activity, affecting the decision-making rate. In addition, it turns out that coffee is able to protect our nervous system from unnecessary stress.


Mussels and other mollusks are rich in vitamin B12 and zinc. Zinc contributes to the transfer of nerve pulses throughout the body, participates in the work of the areas of the brain responsible for emotions, memory, instincts and sleep.

10 Products for the best brain

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