10 Fashion investments that will serve not one season

10 fashion investments that will serve not one season

The trendy world has already undergone major changes, and buying behavior is unlikely to be as we knew him before Pandemic. Fast Fashion gradually goes to the background, and fashionists have already begun to invest in long-term classics. The basic wardrobe immediately comes to mind – those things that never come out of fashion, no matter what the heroes of Streetail and the brands themselves are shown during fashion weeks. Журнал.Ru has chosen ten important fashion investments that will remain relevant for the next few years.


Cotton Trench with contrasting inserts on sleeves and belt

So far, no one has been able to create or find the upper clothes for spring better and more relevant than Trench. Trendy brands return it to the podiums every year, showing both classic models in minimalist style, and complementing it with bright inserts using unexpected materials and a color palette. Of course, Trenchkot in a beige shade is considered to be a non-sharing classic, but so that you quickly do not get bored, select an alternative color, for example khaki. Such a shade is just as easy to stylized, and it will suit any mood and any wardrobe.

Polo shirt

Pooh Handbag Shirt

Polo shirts this year received, finally, proper recognition. Fashionable combined them with jeans of midi, trouser costumes of loose cut and jeans. Polo will replace boring T-shirts and accurately serves more than one year.

Blue jeans

Blue jeans jeans with high landing

Without Denim, it is impossible to submit our lives. Denim trends replace each other at the speed of light: high landing, straight pants, cousot or clash – It is worth making a choice in favor of the model that best suits your figure. As for the trends of this spring, the designers advise you to choose the curved jeans or models with wide and straight pants.

A bag

Bag with crocodile leather effect on a short handle

Of course, microsumks and massive clutches that the streets are filled during fashionable shows, look attractive and effectively, however, the life of such products is very short: after one or two seasons you cool to them and begin to look at the new items, removing recently your favorite accessories in Far Box. Instead, it is worth seeing to such bags that do not come out of fashion and which is really profitable to invest. Do not immediately think about the black model over the shoulder. Diversify the casual wardrobe will help the bag of white, beige or red shade.

Dress with flower print

Midy Dress with Floral Print

Every spring can be confident that new collections of dresses with floral print appear in stores. To make this thing last long, choose the length of midi and natural fabrics, as well as not an acidic color palette, and calm and natural.

Black boats

Black leather boats on heels

Really classic for all times. I can not imagine without this shoe any secular event and a festive cocktail. Yes, and for office exits and business meetings, black shoes with sharp cape are simply necessary.

Jacket in a cage

10 Fashion investments that will serve not one season
Double-breasted jacket

The Power Dressing style this year is gaining momentum, so the trouser suits, jackets and vests of this spring will be in trend. Jacket in a cage Wear with denim bemps, leather skirt-pencil or light dress with an alternative pattern.


Backpack Gabrielle

If you really bored bags, then a miniature leather backpack will become an excellent addition to any image. Choose a classic black and white palette or make a bet on a non-standard color so that the backpack becomes the main accent image.


Black Sunglasses Cat Eye

Sunglasses – Necessary accessory at any time of the year. For outfits for every day, choose a model in a plastic frame of black.


Silver Diamond Ring

Without jewelry, it is impossible to consider no image finished. Minimalistic and aesthetic jewelry will disappear all points over I even in the most simple and laconic outfit.

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