10 Best eyebrow makeup tools

10 best eyebrow makeup tools

In the Cosmetic line Chanel, an automatic pencil with a beveled rod, which is convenient to spend wide and thin lines. The color looks natural, even if the pencil is strongly pressed. Waxes in the composition give persistence.

Set for eyebrows from M.A.C

The pallet of the shadows includes three shades, two of which need to be used to blame eyebrows, and the brightest – for applying an eyebrow. In the set there is a fluffy brush and a brush with a beveled edge, which is convenient to apply shadows.

Eyebrow marker from Kiko Milano

Resistant, thin and bright marker It is convenient to make eyebrows perfectly clear and draw hair on microblading technique. All four shades do not give red, but give natural brown tint. As part – formula based on ginseng extract and vitamin B5 for hair growth.

Jane IRedale Browstick Set

The miniature palette includes wax, shadows in one shade and brush with an applicator. In the palette you can find the brightest shade suitable for blondes and albinos. Result – light color and powder haze on eyebrows.

Clinique eyebrows gel

The means for eyebrows with a rather thick and pigmented texture from the first layer puts eyebrows and gives them a shade and a noticeable thickness, slightly staining the skin. Gel fixes well and makes hairs a little more hard.

Eyebrow gel from Rouge Bunny Rouge

Gel in transparent and nut shades not only makes eyebrows brighter, but also cares for them. Towing EarthShine gives density, gives expressive color and slightly fixes, and transparent airglow stimulates hair growth and creates a form, it can also be used for the night as a leaving.

Romanovamakeup eyebrow mascara

10 Best eyebrow makeup tools

Mascara in a gray brown shade to create the most natural makeup is distinguished by a resistant formula and universal color and gives eyebrows. With this means there is no need to additionally cry eyebrows.

Eyebrow pallet from Urban Decay

A small set with everything necessary for makeup and eyebrow correction: two shades of shadows, modeling wax, tweezers, brush, brush and mirrors. As part of wax – Aloe extract, beeswax and coconut, which are not ledging.

Felt-tumbler for eyebrows from Ciel

The marker with an unusual form of the applicator in the form of a trident is convenient for filling gaps and drawing thin lines imitating hairs. Presented in two shades. Feltaster is quite persistent and requires flushing with a two-phase agent.

Highlight for enhancing eyebrows from Benefit

Tint cream gel with delicate radiance visually makes eyebrows volume and adjusts their color. The palette shows two shades, one of which darkens light eyebrows, and the second – brightens dark. The tool is especially suitable for those who never painted eyebrows.

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