10 Beauties who beat all the Guinea Records

10 beauties who beat all the Guinea Records

The Guinness Niga Records is in 37 languages, including Russian. It falls for different achievements: the longest legs, sports progress and the number of parachute jumps. In the selection of BeautyHack, we took 10 beauties and their most unusual achievements. And you would be able to put any record from the list?

Oksana SEROSOSTAN: passed on the rope on the studs

Oksana Seroshtan set a record in the live Italian show. She walked around the rope on a 12-centimeter stiletto, overcoming distance 7.5 meters. Trick spectacular blonde performed without insurance at an altitude of 15 meters!

Irina Rodnina: not lost a single contest

Rodnina – Three-time Olympic champion and tenfold world skating world champion. For his professional career an athlete did not lose any competition. In total, Irina Konstantinovna belongs to 33 gold medals. Delight – And nothing except!

Nicole Kidman: the highest earnings per minute

Nicole Kidman fell into the Guinness Book of Records, starring in 4-minute advertising of the legendary spirits Chanel No. 5. The appearance of Australian in the video cost a fashionable house of $ 3.71 million. In 2007, the fact was recorded in the book of records as the highest earnings per minute.

Vanessa May: the youngest musician who performed treacherous concerts of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven

Vanessa is engaged in music from three years. First public speech – Festival Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival in Germany – took place when she was barely turned 10. And at 13 Vanessa got into the Guinness Book of Records, as the youngest violinist, who recorded concerts of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Kate Middleton: The most broadcast event in the world

Wedding Kate Middleton and Prince William watched 2 billion people. In the book, this event has been included as the most broadcast in the world (you can only envy the rating).

Ema Dumintus: rose in a balloon in a dress with the longest loop

Romanian model fell into Guinness Book with a very unusual record. The girl put on a wedding dress with a three-kilometer loop and went to a small air journey over Bucharest. The outfit of the record holder was prepared for 100 days. Over it worked 10 Schawa Fashion House Andree. On the dress gone 4,700 meters of taffeta and 1,857 sewing needles!

Gunda Nyman-Stirenan: the most titled woman’s skater

10 Beauties who beat all the Guinea Records

From 91 to 98th year Gund won 7 titles! At the Olympics in 1994, she received a serious injury. The triumphant return of Naman-Stirenan in a big sport took place at the Olympics in Calgary. Gund overcame the distance of 3,000 meters in 4 minutes 01.67 seconds, setting the world record among women.

Tanya Strider: The deepest immersion with ballast

A resident of Cayman Islands Tanya Street made the deepest immersion with ballast in freshwater water. It fell to a depth of 56.39 m in limestone depression in Florida (USA).

Larisa Latynina: the titled gymnast

Legend of Russian sport – 12 championship titles in the individual standings. From 1954 to 1964. Larisa Semenovna won 21 victory on the 11 World Championships and 10 Olympiads in the team championship. For this, a well-deserved master of sports was introduced into the Guinness Book of Records.

Julia Shoulder: The fastest runner on the studs

Julia Shoulder belongs the most «female» record. German hit the distance of 100 meters on the studs for 14, 531 seconds.

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